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  1. English. It would be good that, just as you earn a reputation for killing, you also lose yourself by dying, exclusively for the villains. For the good does not apply because they already lose by killing another good. I think it would be fair. Please do not think about it and implement it, it is necessary. Español. Estaria bien que, asi como se gana reputacion por matar, tambien se pierda por morir, exclusivamente para los villanos. Para los buenos no aplica por que ya pierden al matar otro bueno. Creo que seria justo. No lo piensen y implementenlo, es necesario.
  2. jao

    DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

    These contracts are for survival mode -Create a new character and reach Paragon rank without killing a civilians. - - - Award = Paragon exclusive skin -Excuse 1000 civilians (shoot a shot but do not kill them) - - - Award = 100 barricades. -Kills 1000 consecutive bad guys without killing a civilians. - - - Award = Sniper -Kill 30 super zombies without dying. (Only on official servers) - - - Award = Heavy Harmor -Kill 100 super zombies without dying (any server) - - - Award = Heavy Harmor -Kill 1000 zombies without dying (Only official servers) - - - Award = Granades x20 -Kills 50 consecutive survivors to the head - - - Award = DX x10 -Kill 10 survivors with grenade - - - Award = Sandbag x10 -Kill 20 survivors without dying. - - - Award = Katana x5 Also a ranking of completed contracts would be very good and addictive. The points would be proportional to the difficulty of each contract.
  3. Divide the game into 2 to promote the battle royale mode (so trendy lately), as it did in its time H1Z1, a single launcher of battle royale and one full with all modes. And that the players of the battle royale launcher can play with those of the complete louncher (in battle royale mode, obviously). I do not know if I explain. I invite the players of the battle royale louncher to download the other game modes. In the previous forum I gave many ideas that you were including in the game and you have never given me a single skin. :-(
  4. jao

    No rent private servers.

    The rent of servers will ruin the little PVP that is in survivor mode. My idea is that lockers have a price. And that there are public PVE premium servers without loot where we can put our lockers. And/Or that only a lockers can be put on public servers per account. And that only can put players with more than 12 hours of play and that they disappear if they are not used in 15 days.
  5. I like the survival mode. And I would like you to consider my proposals. - At night all zombies run and the range of detection of humans is much larger. - It has happened many times. They kill me and the zombies run to attack my killer but he gets on a car and is saved very easily. The point is that if someone kills another player the smell of blood will attract many many zombies a lot more distance and that the smell of blood will make them run too. And of course the zombies do damage even by climbing on cars or wooden fences. Zombies become harmless after playing a week.
  6. jao

    Next Patch

    Zombies fixed? Zombies is fine, hard to kill.
  7. Teaming has been entirely removed from Battle Royale. Tanks tanks tanks. Remove teams for PVP servers please. No survival private servers, Look for another way to pay off that monetary gain. Private servers will kill the survivor experience. Survivor mode premium servers but expensive maybe.
  8. jao

    Survival - Current Progress

    Will there be some kind of rank in this mode? I am very excited about this new mode, all my friends will return to play when this mode comes out.
  9. Because I am a faithful player of this game, I have encouraged many people to play this game, I have a Latino community of newz with more than 2500 users.