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  1. Hey guys just to ask a question I logged into a sever (Hong Kong premium) and started looting as normal got into a car drove down the air strip my game crashed saying decompress failed, 1 what is that I'm no computer wiz or anything so not to sure and 2 I logged back into the same sever to find my gear still there with a giant horde of zombies so I throw a grenade and just as it's in mid air it crashes again saying the same thing, so again I tried the same server was fine until, again I got to the spot and throw the grenade and the exact same thing happened whilst the nade was in mid air I crashed saying decrompression failed I tried about 4 times and it kept crashing at the exact point every time. Any thoughts nothing has changed on my end, could it be a bug from the new update I have no clue but I just wanted to see if anyone had any sort of issue like this
  2. Hey guys so love the work on the game so far, the golden bullet perk which I'm working my way to now with a character I've seen the stats of the AWP which is 160 damage so with some basic maths 160 x 0.75 (heavy armor) is a total damage of 120 now I'm assuming the health perks give you some extra Health let's say 10 and 20 (if the devs could actually point out how much the Heath perks gives both 1 and 2 would be nice) that's 130 Health. Which dosent make the AWP a 1 shot kill but with the golden bullet perk which would the 120 x 1.05 to give 126 which if your using my stats for a body shot is still not a 1 shot body shot. So there is no gun that is a 1 shot body kill I'm assuming if you've got the perks ? So the actual questions to the devs is in game could we have some more stats on the perks, like for example all perks give a description but actual no stats example: field medic 3 increased effectiveness of healing items, that's great but by how much is the increase ? It goes for all the perks it would just be nice to actually see what buffs your getting for your character which would be especially helpful with new players which assuming the game is getting a few now. Cheers lads happy hunting
  3. Look I've been playing since warz and when I bought the game back the 3RD day it came out, what they've done to the game compared to when it came out is actually amazing I managed to get my mates playing again and we throughly enjoy it, back to It we all find we crash after 10-20 minutes then it will be good for about 3 hrs and crash but then seems to be good after that. I dunno but it's strange how it's happening after a certain amount of time for 4 people. But for the players Just deal with it log back in shut up and let them fix the game. It's free to play FFS stop your fucking complaining. Instead of saying fix your game, tell them what's going on and try to explain. Devs fucking good work, keep listening to the community there is nothing better than a team that talks to the community.
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