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  1. stonewalljack


    Where is PVP? The most asked question on open world maps. It would be great to know the general area where Kill Streaks are happening, like a temporary icon appearing next to the city name nearest to the action in Colorado or the district in Caliwood.
  2. stonewalljack

    Please remove the cars on the official servers !!!

    Well, congrats on your well played "I'm going to take my toys and go home'" approach to this issue. A better approach to this would be to ask the management to survey the player base and see what the player base wants as a whole and accept that.
  3. stonewalljack

    AR CUP

    Yes, what is the percentage of total prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place???
  4. stonewalljack

    The Future of NewZ in 2019

    Macros are third party programs designed to give players an advantage over other players. This is the definition of a cheat. If they do not give you a "special opportunity" why do you or other players use them?? However, I can accept that shield and med macros are allowed in this game so long as macros like rapid fire are not allowed. I have to say that I feel less affected by cheaters in this game that any other version of Warz that I have played. That is why I stay.
  5. An interesting idea, but it would have to be released with Oregon as the main and only map. Another game with Colorado V2 or V1 would probably not be worth the effort no matter how you dressed it up. A lot of work has gone into Oregon and it's completely new, so that's my choice.
  6. stonewalljack


    I think the devs should pose this question to the entire player base in a survey. Let the player base decide as a whole. Either a player runs you over with a car or shoots you with a sniper. Your dead either way. Make the collision area smaller on each vehicle, if that is possible, so a direct hit is required.
  7. stonewalljack


    My game seems to crash more often when I try to drive a HumV. The bus maneuvers as if it is filled half-way with water. The center of gravity on these 2 seems too high. The Dragster, ZK, and Stryker are good vehicles that perform as I would expect.
  8. stonewalljack

    Weapon Statistics

    I think the devs have made the FN FAL just about perfect.
  9. stonewalljack

    Maps - Open World

    Arizona V2 was a popular map for the few days it was available in Open World. It's a good size map for the size of our current player base and players are familiar with this map due to Battle Royal. Originally when the devs announced the Oregon map, it was supposed to be introduced as a the new Survival map. I think Survival is the best place for the Oregon map, not in Open World.
  10. stonewalljack

    Some Suggestions by SkillerFreak

    Placing a car inside safezone - YES YES YES Spectator Mode - I really don't see how this can be implemented without the resulting abuse (even with chat message). New features for Skill Tree - YES only if these new skills don't make you too overpowered. Remove cars from open world - NO FN FAL is NOT overpowered. It is now where it should be. Prior to this update it was basically a useless weapon.
  11. stonewalljack

    Ping Limited Server Discussion

    Ping limiting only some of the servers does nothing to stop the lagging players from ruining the game. Ping limited servers are basically empty for PVP purposes. All servers should be ping limited to maybe 200mS since most of the laggers that cause the problems are 300+ ping. Maybe the devs can explain why they don't want to ping limit all servers because this has been talked about countless times.
  12. stonewalljack

    Asian People on EU servers issue

    The only solution is to ping limit all servers. 90% of the time the high pop servers are the non-ping limited servers. The devs could try ping limiting all servers as an experiment and see how the player base reacts. +1 on that
  13. stonewalljack

    Thompson Grip's and Mag's

    The forward grip and drum would be a great addition to the Thompson. +1
  14. stonewalljack

    Snipers and game economy

    I think sniper power is ideal the way it is now. One shot kills should only happen with head shots. We don't need to go back to getting killed by an AWP shot to the foot. Also, lowering the drop rate would give more advantage to vets like me that have more snipers than we could ever use.
  15. stonewalljack

    Prison Is painfull

    Every location can't be easy and predictable. The tower should remain, and yes more holes in the fence and a little more cover getting to the fence.