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  1. Thanks for the replies...my specs are... - FX-6300 - HD 7770 1GB gigabyte radeon - 8gb ram ddr3 1600 gskill sniper - ASROCK 970 Extreme3 R2.0 - Power supply templarious 550 on next days i want to buy a SSD and a GTX 1050 ti 4g...
  2. Hi: Could someone say me which are the most and the less important thing on settings to get a good quality having good fps? Thanks in advance
  3. sooooo bad...i dreamed about farm at job...sooooo sad
  4. Hi: I cant play this game on liquid sky, does someone know why this game doesnt run on liquid sky? Thanks in advance
  5. Totally agree with u...posted a threat about respawns time ago, and nobody make nothing...i think the respawn system is one of the biggest problem with this game. And lot of people like posted above saies kill those guys, and i think like u...when u try to enter a server with 3 or 4 guys with snipers(This game sometimes should be call SniperZ)looking at u from 3 or 4 different sides(cuz everyone knows the respawn depending where u die)...yeah is so easy to kill them...as always i say, the problem is the way people play the games, cuz if you find this problem on a high populates server mmm ok clans or big groups should be there, but how many times i have seen groups of 3 or 4 guys on low populated servers is ridiculous and also they are not precisely civilians...
  6. The problem is people education and ethic...thats what destroy games...people who use hacks, glitches, boosting, make groups when is forbidden(i found a lot when used to play solo servers), etc the problem is people ethic...and im agree with permaban all those shit players, those players and "persons" are shit that make normal players quit games...someone saies that if they ban those guys the loose people playing and money but what happen with us, maybe some day we are gonna say up to this point and gonna leave the game... ...as other guy saied if you make things well money will come...
  7. Totally agree...survival mode is almost an old warz...i like the idea of having this mode also on newz but i also dint think this "new" mode has costed months of development, maybe im wrong
  8. Why you dont read before scream on red mate... This is was Svena has saied on survival post: "Clans and groups are disabled. We might introduce this at a later state but for the first release this will both be disabled." Thats why im asking for this tags not being added on a future... Hope u understand me...
  9. Hi: I have seen you are gonna put in a future this tags on survival, pls keep this away, survival should be hardcore, is more realistic dont put this tags, make gameplay harder, you have to be better compenetretad with your friends...pls dont implement this... Thanks
  10. Im very pleasent you wrote me, but i think your message doesnt answer my question about SGI...but the idea of an each month wipe on survival GI could be interesting to make the fear i have doesnt happen....
  11. this was my question:" But i mean when u want to spawn, can u put things on u from this survival GI?" ...and that is what Svena saied me...so lets see if in a few months or just only a month lot of people will spawn full gear as i say...
  12. If theres GI, in a few months or one month people who play a lot and clans would have a huge GI...and when those guys spawn will do full equiped, thats survival?not for me...thats the problem i see with having any type of inventory...i think the idea of surviving with the things you find or you steel from other players until you get catched is better...because in a few time you wont have the adrenaline of loosing the things cuz will have a huge GI...thats my point of view...
  13. Just a few words shoueld describe how this mode should be...HARDCORE SURVIVAL... ...devs should consider all the ideas of this post to make this a hardcore survival mode...we have official servers with a gameplay type(i love mostly)...but this mode should be hard and different from "normal mode"... - No shields - No jump like bunnies - Food and water problems - No GI - Loot tables on hard mode ...and all the ideas to feel this mode a survival and a different way to play this game we love... Sorry for my english and have a good day.
  14. Totally agree...pls apply this ideas...
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