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  1. Bring back the old rocky ford.

    you don't even play survival and you admitted that you cheated on iss world, why do you even give your opinion? Edit: Jointsmoker told me
  2. Please add loadouts to survival!

    Remember few months ago when I asked for invisible backpack and they all said it was impossible because it's another backpack blah blah and now we have it. Now we will probably have this feature in like 6 months and it will be like such a major update for survival
  3. QBZ Running Animation

    I don't want to sound mean but imho that team was better than the current NewZ team in many ways. I wonder what they all become
  4. QBZ Running Animation

    These animation exists already. I know it was a different team who made ISS World but you still have all the work done already
  5. Let's go to the facts ..

    Then explain me why you added more useless stuff (like tables and chairs in polcie station and infirmary after removing the green stuff from bridges
  6. AR spread, FPS spikes

    They made it as a mean AGAINST rapid fire macro but in the end it only killed their game even more. For peoplike like me who do NOT use a single macro, it's fucking annoying. Good job coz I see more and more people stopped playing the game, but who cares
  7. For developers!!!!

    Maybe hire some real professionals
  8. Fix the weapons SPREAD

    I like your comment, it reflects my thought. How many players are hiding behind a tree nowadays... look at all the thais in clearview. Too bad you stopped the game Sunshine, miss you bro
  9. Heavy Armor on Survival mode.

    Hello NO, swat armor is fine actually. But we dont want just "new items" for this mode, we want this mode to be rethought because nothing really makes it "survival" . it only looks like the old ISS without all the improvmeent that made it good
  10. Fix the weapons SPREAD

    And you like that?
  11. Fix the weapons SPREAD

    I come from Open world PvP so I can tell when someone is rapid firing (which tbh I've rarely seen) or when they simple switch to first person to kill you. The guys I play with (Timal, Pitchou, Trolli, Kankah, Maitro and Bozkurt) often suspect people we fight (paranoid, Surzeus, Matrix) of rapid firing but in the end they are just good and nothing else. I have more than 2.3K hours played in this game I've never anyone seen rapid fire (but I ve seen aimbot)
  12. Fix the weapons SPREAD

    He isn't trashtalking, he's telling the truth. How many players come in full bambi then cry when they die against fully geared people and saying they macro and stuff when we simply don't? It happens all the fucking time.
  13. Survival Revive Time

    FPS Issue with loot are you kidding me? Back in ISS World there loot was there for 15 min and there was never any issue about it
  14. Make survival great again

    Don't you notice less and less people weeks after weeks? And yet you still do NOTHING to save this game? Here are some other ideas for the survival mode 1) Fix the spread : Ban ALL macro would solve the problem. 2) Make the mode ATTRACTIVE!! Like what about a zombie horde system appearing randomly near towns including super zombies, or near AIRDROPS (the plane sound attracts zombies) just like in the Walking dead Or a MISSION system like in ISS World 3) Make cars more silent, just WHY is it so noisy? They aren't in real life but II don't want to compare this game to real life. 4) More craftable items you can learn from skins / missions
  15. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    They don't care, now we know But I understand. Why listen to players who are playing the game since the beginning with forever premium? The main source of income for them are the new and the newbs, better do things for them than for us