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  1. hi Would you have left 1 Colorado v2 server in survival … Why all Colorado v2 servers taken away?
  2. Congratulations on your Birthday Sven
  3. Hello To bring more momentum into the game: e.g. why is it necessary for "exchange" safe zone? leave "exchange" in other place (not in safe zone) ...make 2 or 3 "exchange" if players would You can read this and other ideas (from GrimesJR , RIpper1403 and other players) in the survival>General> ideas section: Radiation Zone was good, but the game needs more scripts to get interesting and Hard Best Regards
  4. hello Many players have good ideas, many ideas have been offered ... But the game remained unchanged, also several scripts were taken out of the game ... You can read that in the appropriate section of the forum Forgive me, ish do not speak english, and Translator sometimes does not translate correctly Best Regards p.s. sorry for font and grammatik
  5. Why do you mean trolling? The Game Survival has several potential To annul Survival would be sad sincerely
  6. Helloprevious map Colorado v2 was better balanced... Fps was more stable sometimes, in different places FPS jumps down
  7. I'm not sure: but The cars had a mistake(bug), maybe it needs to be fixed bug: sometimes not every time - when the player enters or exits the car, the program is closed
  8. hi besides, it is apocalyptic time and money can not exist, only exchange with other players - barter (better in Safe Zone ) Regards
  9. hello I think the Player can just look at Menu "Missions" and not have the Notification on the Screen Thanks
  10. Laptop 15.6 1920x1080 Regards
  11. Hello Contract "indicator" on the display (right) is long and big, please make it short and dune, or off(deactivate-remove) and the player can see that in missions Regards
  12. vozmi ticket, otprav suportu https://playnewz.com/support.php
  13. Thanks Radiation Timer increased - nice but (Old exchanges have been removed) - Why? Can one leave old Exchange? old Exchange + new would be better, and "Kraft" - old "kraft" + new "kraft" No cars or bicykles, I think there must be, but rarely a transport must(low speed like a bicykle) exist p.s. and another Idea: the Exchange zone(place)(At the moment this is in Blue Ridge Settlement) must exist in other place, where the player can not go with bus-trasport but on foot (maybe Exchange place does not need the safe zone... You can also do several Exchange zones...)
  14. Hello Interesting ideas, but I think this is a bit complicated for Programer, but it still needs to be repaired by the radiation(is too short), cars(transport), Indicators(Right on Diplay) and other bugs. As we've talked about previous topic Best Regards
  15. p.s. you are a new player, i recommend you survival mode, this is of course a real game
  16. Hello Another possibility is directly from NewZ ( https://playnewz.com/download.php ) install the Program without Steam the program will install slightly differently wish success
  17. ... p.s. I think in Apocalyptic Times there will be no Money, maybe Kraft - Script for Skins( or Change Inventar with other Players)
  18. Hello First of all, that was a great patch for survival and thanks for that Suggestions for the next patch: 1. "Radiation zones are too short. " 2. "Adding some new skills to the skill tree would be awesome" "from Arowsky" 3. Gazmask with nvg (or Krafting) (player should see Radiation Zone at Night) (from GrimesJR) 4. Bike-Bicikle (speed = runing + 5% ) 5. Contract Indikator on Diplay is large and big, better would be short and small Best Regards
  19. p.s. About Display: Contract indicator on the right side of the Screen(Display) is too big(large), it would be good that it is small
  20. :yes: overall very good patch
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