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  1. why are you deleting my messages? always and always ………..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  2. Weekend Event!

  3. Weekend Event!

    ok, And I was banned because I found a place for myself comfortably, regardless of any player could get there and some also came and killed me but if I shoot from mountains that is not allowed, and that's why I was banned and I have to jump, otherwise I'll go banned again ok, deactivate my account because I do not like to jump and I'm not allowed to shoot from mounntain
  4. Weekend Event!

    playing with the hacksoft or macros is prohibited and these players should banish the staffIf the player finds a camp or a place - the staff should not ban these playersthat's what I mean, and that's right
  5. Weekend Event!

    playing illegally - is to play with hacksoft or macrosGoing somewhere to ban this is not right and has no right
  6. Weekend Event!

    everyone can go on that bed of the mountains if he wants ...besides, there I was killed several times, and that I considered normal .. just one shot rightbesides, I have to jump down, everybody jumps and that's not real and it's not fun ..is there a game or is it just jumping? The main thing is that the player should not use hacksoft or macros, and the staff should accept itand do not ban me if I find a camp and a place somewhere
  7. Weekend Event!

    please: vatataia; miranda; hop stop; vilaia; londre;I do not jump, but have my own stalk to play ...somebody does not fill that up and banishes me in spite of the fact that I'm trying to explain everything - he simply does not want to understand anythingI think that he is Russian and that is why "finds" the cause me ban-blockI lost the urge to be blocked again and again
  8. Weekend Event!

    I give away my account, if anyone wants to have everything, all 5 players are already assassins, besides, there is still gc and milion gd, all amunition, all brand new sniper and various weapons, cars and everything ... all players are full hardened... many skins... Ban goes out in 8 hours, this offer is valid for 8 hours, then I will close-deactivate the account, because I have no desire to play because of constantly repeated ban - but I get the ban because someone is positioned against me enjoy
  9. Twitch Drops Update!

    dear comunicityI have a question:should I set up obs studio myself to stream live on twitch?or go stream through the program NewZ itself? - The program NewZ itself streams on twitch? (I have ttwitch stream code entered in newz ) thank you

    my account was wrongly banned every three times my account was also wrong blocked this time a pity

    you are moderator, pleas ask the staff: why was I banned? I have never played with macro software or cheating or any!!! I just made video and made it on youtube why do staff ban me? I do not like to play with any hack software, that's not a game anymore
  12. Patch 2.17 (Hotfix #2)

    me too p.s. I've watched it and ping from 60 over 450+ jumps very often, almost every 5-10 seconds, is not stable .. There was no earlier, the ping was very stable