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  1. miranda

    Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    you have to develop a new game and not limit or disregard it
  2. miranda

    Colorado V1 instead of Colorado V2

    no no no, survival like Colorado and Oregon are better than any other game, but you need to modernize and add things, missionns the game even more ...v1 is very old
  3. Hello Beta test problems(no steam): not start newz.exe after start NewZLauncher error message: vcruntime140.dll and next msvcp140 dll not found.. best regards
  4. miranda

    US Server Restart



    best regards

  6. miranda

    NewZ in 2018

    you are verry bad Boy and player... Bulling
  7. miranda

    US Server Restart

  8. miranda

    About Account Block

    Hello I have disease problem in one leg and hand .. (So I move a hand and a leg hardly and hard) That's why I play with my own style ... the staff did not fiddle and blocked my account that is not right, that is discrimination with my style I do not hurt the rulle Do you have the Xenophobie in the staff?
  9. miranda

    DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    The weapons are very much, maybe you can take some out.. besides, you can concentrate the weapons in the Bases it is not necessary the barrel on the roof of the Bus Thank you so much for all your detailed feedback and ideas!
  10. why are you deleting my messages? always and always ………..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  11. miranda

    Weekend Event!

  12. miranda

    Weekend Event!

    ok, And I was banned because I found a place for myself comfortably, regardless of any player could get there and some also came and killed me but if I shoot from mountains that is not allowed, and that's why I was banned and I have to jump, otherwise I'll go banned again ok, deactivate my account because I do not like to jump and I'm not allowed to shoot from mounntain
  13. miranda

    Weekend Event!

    playing with the hacksoft or macros is prohibited and these players should banish the staffIf the player finds a camp or a place - the staff should not ban these playersthat's what I mean, and that's right
  14. miranda

    Weekend Event!

    playing illegally - is to play with hacksoft or macrosGoing somewhere to ban this is not right and has no right
  15. miranda

    Weekend Event!

    everyone can go on that bed of the mountains if he wants ...besides, there I was killed several times, and that I considered normal .. just one shot rightbesides, I have to jump down, everybody jumps and that's not real and it's not fun ..is there a game or is it just jumping? The main thing is that the player should not use hacksoft or macros, and the staff should accept itand do not ban me if I find a camp and a place somewhere