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  1. I agree @DNI_Adrian, 1000%! We are told both, it doesn't make sense. Strange that it's 2 sides of the same coin yet only 1 is "ok".
  2. There is always going to be something more pressing to do, something more critical. There is a reason most of the icons have not been touched since created. Clearly by @Sven using his own time, he wanted to make the game look as clean as possible. Especially for those who play on large screens where the distortion is most noticed. Just remembered, we are watching, closely at that. You have a very angry part of the game population, and I don't think you realize just how much so. How many times have we been told this will change, or that will be done differently and nothing has. You tell them to leave out a minor insult yet ignore the derogatory names they reported. Interesting how it's ok do say far worse in-game ... We are watching. It's ok for player to call us whatever "it's part of the game" we're told, but how dare you say it to or about decision maker. That's one hell of a double standard I would think.
  3. I am but one of many PVE players who have put money into this game. I see nothing wrong with saying "hey, is it too much to ask to do events with PVE players in mind?" The point I tried to make is "Do we need to ask?" . I'm sorry if my point wasn't clear enough, I hope this cleared up confusion. Being in a hurry and trying to get my post up made for a bad combo I guess.
  4. So I guess maybe we need to ask for an event to give something to your PVE players beyond discounts and and stuff to spend our money on??
  5. Already difficult for newer players just trying to get started but getting rid of clans and making more items something to make, repair, fix I like. Please don't get the idea to kill off every thing we worked to do. There are many that miss war z and that isn't going to change. Yet others came here and never played it and so have no understanding what it really entailed it just sounds cool to them. I like it as an option for the game, but not an idea to replace open world. That just closes the door for PVE and those that already don't like survival mode. Not everyone does..
  6. I went and read comments they've posted. I'm not sure intentions from that either. Most of their posts are about Nether and patches for it. Your forum rank and player rank are different unless you know in-game name. Mine shows killer, but that isn't a rank I have in-game. So IDK, cold still be different. (even some PVPers enjoy PVE and have character that are pve only.) Many people also don't have their forum accts tied to the same email acct as their game one. I see why though they are curious about intent.
  7. I forgot to add majority of players begging for items in trade are vet players. Players who are abusing the good nature of others. Next time you see someone begging, check out the tag by their name before you donate. Very sad to see.
  8. Big changes for someone who just is here to beta test; then I read your own endgame. You mentioned wanting to own a game in one of your posts, then mentioned dumping a truck load of money on investing in this one. Seeing how you have spoke to the others who disagree with your vision, I tend to agree with them. You want to change this game so much it won't even feel like the game we came to love. I don't think I want to stick around to see it either. You wanted to see the community come together, it seems they are just not the way you want. If they want to sell the game, or have investers change it this much they should just come out and say it. In the meantime, watch how many you run off. Those vets while noisey, they had been loyal, something you might have enjoyed as part of your investment that can't be bought.
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