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  1. Hello, v1 map Survival has more loot and less powerful and less grouped zombies - good for noobs to start out or just anyone to build up their vault quicker. However v2 maps have more aggressive zombies and more powerful like the screamer and runners, and yet there is much less loot. I like the Colorado v2 map best but the loot seems not enough for the amount of zombies and work. What would be better is to keep v2 as is but add just a little bit more loot all around. Somewhere in between what you see between the two versions would be great. OTHER: Also the "tension" background music in v2 is too much (the one you still hear even if you turn down MUSIC all the way down.) That should be much less frequent, at least half as much as you hear now if not less then that. (In v1 you hardly hear it at all.) OTHER: Also for vehicles in general need some camera Y-axis up and down control - going down hills in vehicles is very bad angle and camera gets stuck there. Can be very difficult to see sometimes. (edit: oh and need e-brake or something to stop from rolling) OTHER: Oh and maybe at least 1 or 2 more public servers for each map? (I remember when you guys had 10 servers!) Thank you, 2mins2midn
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