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  1. The devs are keeping an eye on everything, man... otherwise they wouldn't be posting within it. You want to KEEP ME on the outside of "WE the players" when the whole time I have been INCLUDING YOU WITH ME, but you refuse to do that with me... you act as if its "YOUR GAME." I'm asking quality questions to both the players AND devs... and Making quality recommendations...all you see to do is want to attack me... I never pressed "Im the best game fixer ever." I merely stated what I DO FOR A LIVING, AND I FOUND THIS GAME INTERESTING ENOUGH TO WANT TO INVEST IN IT SO YOU CAN KEEP PLAYING.... I hope the DEVS are watching too.... THEY ARE SEEING PLAYERS SLAP the very ppl willing to try to help the game SURVIVE..... why would I WANT to invest 5-6 figures into a game when players like YOU are in it? IT's NOT YOUR GAME... its the DEV's GAME....in the end, the BOTTOM LINE matters... if there is NOT ONE, then they do not have a paycheck to take care of their family. THAT IS HOW THE WORLD WORKS.... I'm not coming in here to "take over anything" I (personally) want to WIPE FORTNITE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH, and help an INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY gain relevance....Which ever game I can do that WITH, I WILL.... I would think you of all ppl would understand this. And by your response of continuing to berate ME over YOUR FRUSTRATIONS of the game, is not SELLING YOUR CAUSE. I hope the devs realize that is not just "player abuse in game", but outside the game in its forums. Enjoy your game play.... Now I'm contemplating whether or not to even bother investing in this game.
  2. I saw that!! He is literally taking any extra time (Even at home) when not with his family to rework EVERY SINGLE ITEM ICON in the game. That was great to see... knowing edges of items that are "blown out/distorted/pixelated" are being cleaned up & rounding the object meshes to give a cleaner look will go MILES for the game. once this happens, the "BLUE ITEM" ring around it will also look better. MAP terrain changes (such as trees & rock formations) are being leveled in some areas (not so jagged/squared up) and increased to give players more coverage.... I have already seen "stone items" (patches of "little grey rocks" added to the maps for future gathering for building).... I'm curious to know WHICH TREE MAPS will be available for use of wood materials for building.... Which explains the MASSIVE TREE ADDITIONS. With the addition of these new GATHERING ITEMS... some ppl will spend the day farming building materials IN TRADE for character ITEMS....so the IDEA OF FARMING itself WILL EVOLVE here...some will master material gathering, while other only gear. Hey, when it comes to PVE, PREMIUM SHOULD HAVE A LEG UP ACCESS TO PLAY a premium server. a server where actual "FREE" players are not..there is the TUTORIAL, Beginner, and Warm up servers, for such things. giving free players the ability to TRY the PVE without fear of getting sniped for their first coke can. I think you are missing the opportunities of a MIXED server. A mixed server would have all zone elements within it. if you do NOT want to PVP or even "coop" pvp, then the PVE zone is STILL FOR YOU. Think of it this way.... if you do NOT have a private farming server, and the the OPEN PVE server is full, then this would be an amazing "queue overflow, for ALL the modes." It gives a place for PVE players to loot, gather, kill & trade, a place for co-op/clan play; and a place for PVPers. Another player recommended something to me via pvt msg...that a "banded or stacked" map with server refreshing with the play zone would be great. take a map divide it into 3 equal band of PVE, COOP & PVP. stack in ORDER of play modes (this way PVE actually gets 2/3rds of the map--Coop & PVE ; since you can ONLY be killed via GROUP/COOP play in the COOP REGION). to allow all players to use the map, just "change the directions of the bands" to "mix up" the map play for all players in all modes. The ONE CONSTANT would be the VERY CENTER of the MAP will always be COOP (in colorado-- Boulder and/or CAMPOS would ALWAYS BE IN THIS MODE ZONE.) Don't think of something like this as BAD (because most players don't just a select few of PVE players would never use it, most would.) think of it as a way to "keep playing" until whatever MODE you are waiting on comes available. We could request this as the "QUEUE waiting server" until your modes is available and PULLS YOU OFF and AUTOMATICALLY logs you into the server you have been waiting for when your number is called. all gear & kills would just still count, instead of NOT, like the tutorial & warm up servers. Forcing a PVE player to play PVP is NOT what I mean by "forced player interactions" What I mean by this, is to ENCOURAGE POSITIVE PLAYER INTERACTIONS, we need MORE OF THESE kinds of missions/contracts. END game is JACKED UP. We have END GAME players, just doing player kill contracts to "pass the time." until the next update.... There needs to be a retooling of CONTRACTS, if you want to nip negative player behavior in the butt.. END GAME needs more "cooperation" between veteran end gamers & newer players. The game is already built in a way, that new players pretty much have to BEG for stuff from VETs on PVE (because most dont do tutorials & go straight play) and haven't learned the game just yet.. This is where we as a community can ACTUALLY PRESS our strengths against the devs... sure its nice to ask for servers, and new gear, but what its sounds like what everyone REALLY WANTS is a great place to PLAY the game. The problem then is NOT the game, but the social mechanics..... WE NEED BETTER SOCIAL MECHANICS.... The game should drive the player to WANT to work with others, instead of isolate (in this case what has happened to you). If anything, YOU ARE THE PRIME EXAMPLE of WHY BETTER SOCIAL GAME MECHANICS ARE NEEDED... You feel you cannot enjoy the game "as a whole' because the game is INCOMPLETE in the social aspect. Instead of asking ways to FURTHER FOSTER YOUR ISOLATION PLAY, what can be changed to ENCOURAGE YOU to at least give COOP play a chance?
  3. Thanks @DNI_Adrian This is something I infact have been researching (as someone looking to invest a large amount of money into an MMO, instead of working for one) I have been diving into the past to learn the history. I also appreciate your tone changing from combatant to critical criticism. Like I said earlier, Somethings happened & I don't know why. Some things have been filled in, & other things you are helping with. The perception you are most concerned with is your own play. Vet or not of this game. What I'm hoping to do is bring a new outside perspective that you don't have to assume is someone who is against PVE... I am infact FOR PVE. It's finding a way to fit it in a way that encourages more player interaction other THAN trading. @Katryna247 said they would have no problem renting a private server for PVE farming. I think this is the best way for PRIVATE FARMING. This is NOT forcing you...you have to PICK, do you feel like farming on the OPEN WORLD, knowing it will be more work, or do you WANT TO PAY, for the ease of FARMING??? Anyone who says their "being forced" in this (to help keep the game running) really doesn't WANT "FORCED" to PAY for something they USED TO GET FOR FREE.... I would think finding ways to reward players who pay for even a PRIVATE server with Premium 30 day account would be something you are interested in...instead of SHOOTING DOWN IDEAS, counter the offer... If you pay even if basic premium, you are a paying player & should be able to find a premium PVE or mixed server that will allow this...but THERE NEEDS TO BE INCENTIVE to move from free, otherwise you do a disservice to YOURSELF AND the other paying members who keep the marketplace afloat. I have noticed changes in the trade server (the addition of ATM, "gear vending machine"---both not useable, YET; and a MARKETPLACE VENDOR) This looks like in the future, there will be a place to SELL BACK your bulk to the system, BUY gear via "auction" system, and a "quick cash" withdrawl system. If these items are going into the trade server, what stops them from implementing these in "survival safe zones" and just GETTING RID of a trade server altogether (they wont, but this gives them the ability to do so) having more players trade WITHIN the current server map? How come everyone continues to IGNORE the fact I point out the GAME MECHANICS of ENDGAME CONTRACTS is what is causing the severe imbalance of negative to positive reputations of players on servers, and not to mention fostering an environment for abusive player behavior in the social elements??? if the INTENT of reputation is to let you KNOW what kind of player you are or have encountered, and you do NOT seem weary of those with NEGATIVE reputations as a "quick judge" of players before trading, then why have it?? not only is it creating problems between players, but continues in a habitual form. If the Devs cannot control them (without making you "rage quit" because it messes with your gaming routine), and the players do not want to do anything about it themselves. Then how do YOU propose to fix the player behavior?
  4. See, NOW we are getting somewhere. I appreciate the banter & looking for outcomes and compromise over "rage quitting." This game is MA (that means MATURE).... there is BLOOD & VIOLENCE in this game...IT IS RATED & RECOMMENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY. Using "kids/children" as a reason to try to curb ADULT behavior on an ADULT GAME, will never happen... you would have to remove the blood and some of the content if YOU WANT THIS. personally up to the game developers... I understand this gripe, but if you want to ALLOW KIDS FREELY to play an ADULT GAME, negative social interactions are included. The kids shouldn't be playing this game. But I'm not their dad. Its also condescending to listen to you all COMPLAIN ABOUT PVP PLAYERS, while you simultaneously MAKE MONEY OFF THEM VIA TRADE---and THIS IS YOUR REASON FOR FARMING SOLO..... its funny you complain about the CUSTOMERS you have? then STOP SELLING TO PVP PLAYERS WITH NEGATIVE RANKINGS..... you are just as culpable for GIVING THE ABUSIVE PLAYERS THE EQUIPMENT TO CONTINUE THE BEHAVIOR. You cannot sit there and say you only want to interact with players as LONG AS THEY ARE NOT SHOOTING AT YOU ON THE MAP.... because LIKE I SAID EARLIER...what ARE YOU DOING TO COMBAT THE PROBLEM AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO JOIN YOU? so far NOTHING that I've seen other than forum whining... The point of CONSOLIDATION is to improve server numbers...guess what?? as of TODAY, there are MORE ON THAN EVER BEFORE...magically NOW you won't play it??? the game IMPROVES THE PLAYER INTERACTION, and now you wont join? the same ppl you keep FARMING equipment for??? You heard it from the DEVS...bottom line is they do not want this to become abandonware.... and the only way to do that is to find ways to cut costs thru equipment assessments, IMPROVE PLAYER INTERACTIONS, and update the play system. If the BEST WAY TO MAINTAIN the game is to collapse servers, and force FARMING to private servers... I say DO IT.... If even less than 10% of revenue comes FROM private servers... Because SERVERS COST MONEY... you PVE players keep asking for MORE SERVERS, and don't want to pay for them, while you also want to limit yourself or "ZONE PLAY" the game.... I wonder exactly HOW MUCH of SERVER SPACE ALONE is storage numbers for PVE PLAYERS WHO NEVER MOVE inventory???? in PVP, server spawned gear maintains a level, because gear is often traded back & forth from player to player (from kills to trades)... I wonder what the COSTS to maintain absorbent amounts of REPLICATED code just to keep PVE players content with the MASS COLLECTIONS. Both PVE players currently still and those whom already abandoned the game...
  5. Then perhaps its time to ALLOW the VETERAN PVE PLAYERS control the interactions of PVP players, by mixing the modes TOGETHER, on a single test server... it seems by the community, that the devs cannot control the rampant abuse... then why not LOBBY to do this task?? A mixed MAP will certainly give you guys the chance to test that... The reputation RANK system should be retooled. It encourages players from the get go to have a negative repsonse to other players...(we've heard me say it over & over) its the END GAME CONTRACT MISSION system... Maybe they should TEMPORARILY REMOVE PVP CONTRACTS (ohh snap! I just heard some PVPers say they were gonna "rage quit" if this happens XD ), until the system re balances.... I think the dev would respond to the players if there was a cry out about "mental capacity issue" within the their games social environment BROUGHT ON BY THE GAME MECHANICS. Knowing the country most of the DEVS reside, mental health is taken VERY SERIOUSLY.....If players spent less time complaining about the abuse, and target the game and help them minimize the behavior they will respond...simply stating their system is full of rampant abuse does no good. Point out the behavior and where it stems from, DOES...
  6. I said the same thing... I think there will be.. but the days of 4-5 servers only pve, or only pvp are over. Its not cost effective or sustainable.... Nobody is talking about forcing anything.... they have all been ideas, and most of you responding to me (another player, NOT A DEV) as if it was coming.... you would only do that, as if YOU KNEW IT WAS ALREADY HAPPENING.... Some of you have been here too long, let your egos get in the way. I'm talking about game CONSOLIDATION, INCREASED PLAYER INTERACTION and COMMUNITY GROWTH... if that means the game loses a few of us, to gain 1,000 more, THEY WILL. If PVE was so amazing, WHY HAVE YOU PVE PLAYERS DONE NOTHING TO HELP BRING MORE PLAYERS TO THE PVE SERVERS & GROW THE GAME?? *mic drop*
  7. I'm not pushing anything.... I'm stating the way the world of gaming is already. Living in the past will certainly kill this game as well. There was a player that mentioned 1 server for survival dedicated to PVE, ONLY..why not, instead of trying to "give ultimatums" to the DEVS if things you do not like are approved, you work within the confines of what YOU ARE GIVEN?? Instead of promoting the ideas you DO LIKE, all you have shown the DEVS is you are "gonna rage quit" if you don't get what you want.... thats the thing here folks. If you honestly believe that servers shouldn't have more than 10 players on them (unless a private), then you do the company a disservice just to make you "feel better." Even if it hurts their bottom line. I'm trying to tell you that... Do you honestly believe this game can supply the numerous server bills, just to keep a handful of PVE members content??? It is in the games BEST INTEREST, to collapse AS MANY SERVERS as possible in the BEST WAY possible to GROW the game.. If there are dedicated "pure PVP" servers, then you should have 1 dedicated PVE server.... But if you expect the number of OPEN WORLD PUBLIC NON PREMIUM SERVERS (aka free to play only servers) to have as MANY or MORE than PVP, you are mistaken.... To keep the numbers above 10 players per server and keep a SERVER at a capacity that is profitable again, means smashing them together.... I predict there will be 1 PVE only, 1 MIXED (PVE,COOP,PVP) and 1 "Pure PVP"...this satisfies EVERYONE in this thread, MINIMIZES COST, and encourages player interaction....
  8. Why is it the players who "want SOLO PVE ONLY" that are always CRYING about PVP within the SAME MAP as the PVE??? YOU DO NOT EVEN WANT OTHER PLAYERS ON THE MAP WITH YOU...If that is SO IMPORTANT TO YOU, BUY THE GAME & RENT A SERVER!!! Look I can see why you are concerned... but you need to realize "your style of solo play on MMO" is a dying breed.. Solo play is dead and everyone can see, that all you care about is combating the solutions to the adaptation of MMO. I will try to answer you "questions" ... What would happen with players who limit play to ONLY one map ( with rotating maps)? ----YOU WILL HAVE TO LEARN TO PLAY MORE THAN ONE MAP.... Why do YOU NEED TO FARM, if you are SOLO PVE??? you have PLENTY at your disposal... The ONLY REASON TO FARM IS BECAUSE YOU WANT TO INTERACT WITH OTHER PLAYERS.....This map conversion creates more interaction between players. You cannot cry about NEEDING more player interaction, while simultaneously complaining about how it is resolved. Also, if you cause a waiting que, people wont necessarily hang around and "wait". I know I don't now with the survival timer as it is. --- There is no "queue" on survival servers, I load instantly...infact, they are often EMPTY, because of the Negative PVP mechanics encouraged.... Don't make up stuff, to try to shoot this idea down. I recommended that they START with 1 server with rotating maps...if you HONESTLY THINK 1 server isn't enough then say 2 in the POLL...smh I agree, 2 would be great, this way 2 different maps are always up for the open world smashup. Also what do you do with players who play not just certain ( whatever) map but specific parts? Back when I spent time on maps with other people, you could count on seeing certain names at certain spots on the map bc they played there all the time. --- They will have to learn to adventure the MAP and become comfortable with more than one spot on the map...If you ONLY PLAY THIS GAME, to play PVE, and only PLAY NATO (for example), you are seriously limiting yourself, and are less than 1% of the loss automatically assumed should the DEVS choose to change something. Being a ZONING PLAYER (one who purposely limits themselves in a game because they refuse to learn anything after that point) within the game developing community is "normal loss." They LESS you know about the game as a player, the LESS YOU MATTER. If they decide to REMOVE YOUR ZONE of the map, because the rest of the community asked, ...guess what??? ohh well... learn to play more than ONE zone of ONE map. What would happen if the map rotated and made an area a player who did PVE only did to a PVP or "co-op" area? Too many unknowns for those of us who don't enjoy PVP as much as some that are either neutral or dislike it altogether on this game. Drag them kicking and screaming into play this way or quit?? --Remember, this is just an idea I brought forth. if RADIATION ZONES, can appear & reappear in different zones, then SO CAN PVP & COOP...imagine the WHOLE MAP is rendered as PVE, and then the PVP & COOP ZONES, appear and move similar to the RAD.... What would happen is that you WOULD ALSO HAVE TO HAVE MAP AWARENESS, and keep an eye on the ZONE YOU ARE IN..... if it becomes PVP, you will have to leave a bit, if you do not want the action, and come back when its gone... GOD FORBID you cannot sit in the same spot ALL DAY & wait for rare gear to respawn in the area you SAT IN ALL DAY. You act as if PVE is the majority in this game.... unfortunately is NOT... What if all MMO's move to this model?? BECAUSE THEY ARE... pretty soon you will have NO GAME TO PLAY IN MMO, UNTIL YOU LEARN TO PLAY PVP..
  9. Listen, as a Professional Game Tester (not this game, but many others..I invested into this new beta to help improve the overall game). There is GOING TO COME A POINT, when Open World PVP, PVE & COOP play styles WILL be merged to one (1) SERVER MAP as separate play zone. and you will walk from one play zone to another (no longer needing to login/exit servers to do so). This is the trend of MMO's especially sandbox Battle Royales (like this one)..THEY ARE ALREADY DOING THIS WITH CLIFFSIDE TEST SERVERS (notice one side is PVE the other PVP?? anyone??)....at some point the DEVS will CONSOLIDATE again to improve server numbers, and decrease costs. Battle Poyale and survival are pure PVP and should/will stay separate...but EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY. BECAUSE IT WILL. It sounds like this community is having a hard time growing & adapting to the MARKET...we're at a pivitol point in gaming, where the players have "overplayed their hands" with developers. We have to regroup and HELP THESE DEVS RISE OVER IT. I ALREADY know what mechanics are creating the NEGATIVE PLAY you are already concerned from other players in SOLO Open World Formats....its the MISSION CONTRACTS. There is NOT ENOUGH ENDGAME COOPERATION Missions. When and "End Gamer/ VET" has exhausted all the games basic missions, all that is left is PVP KILL MISSIONS (to gain specialist coins) This is what is driving the negative mechanics in open world.... The Game starts you with mission for PVE and end INTO PVP...It should be the other way around. instead of end game contracts that require 50+ player kills, it should start out with SINGLE KILL PVP contracts & WORK UP to "end game Cooperation Contracts." The game should teach you about Survival FROM a SOLO, into GROUP, its the opposite. To go from being a ruthless survivalist, to being an "IN GAME" asset, of younger players. Veteran players would be MORE OPT to give gear and helpnew players, if the END GAME MISSION MECHANICS required this. It also gives power to your endgame/veteran players. as they can choose WHOME to help...if a players reputation is bad, they can choose to NOT help.... and they can do it from anywhere on the map, after all END GAME PLAYERS, should be experienced enough to handle combat of new players, and know where the PVE zones are... It gives them the power to also control behavior "in game." if a player is on the pvp side causing problems... Veterans can group the map together, migrate to the PVE side, set up a plan, and teach the ""toxic player" a lesson.. it takes the pressure OFF THE DEVS and gives the power to the polayers to control the social aspect. When a solo player pisses too many ppl off on a server, he will be chased OFF IT until he learns to play with others.... if not, there is the PURE PVP map servers in SURVIVAL MODE & BATLE ROYALE for this kind of behavior. It doesn't MATTER HOW MANY SERVERS you have, if the PLAYER NUMBERS DO NOT correlate with cost, all that is going to do is sink this game faster. IMO, a SINGLE SERVER, with your LARGEST MAP (Colorado V2) divided into play zones will not only increase play on a SINGLE SERVER, it will make load times faster (after all they don't have to log off & on to change play styles). Games like "tom clancy's : The Division" hase been doing this for 5 years & still have full servers to this day... You already are doing this with CLIFFSIDE on the TEST SERVER for building....why not INTEGRATE THAT TO YOUR OPEN WORLD SOLO MAP SERVERS? *edit thought after the fact** Hell you can even "rotate the zones" on the map realtime. aka make the zones DYNAMIC , instead of STATIC. You can also put a "map time limit" and ROTATE YOUR MAPS ON THE SAME SERVER (give each map 2 -3 hrs, then have the server reset & rotate..if you do this, then having MULTIPLE SERVERS (as you would want the rest rates at different times on the servers) would be ok & cost effective... You want the players to learn the maps, not just stick to one, because a tutorial on Youtube, taught them how "round up the zombies at nato like a cowboy & throw nades." The game should have "forced elements" to make them experience other parts of the game. You don't have to like PVP, but it shouldn't stop you from crossing over the map to complete a mission. Cross over mission (ones that make you travel into pvp zones [if static] should be more xp since the difficulty has been increased by requirements alone). why LIMIT and FORCE the community to PICK ONE, when you have the chance to let us have ALL OF THEM????? IF you have 5 rotating maps on 3 SERVERS, EVERYONE will get what they want! **** I would start with 1 server doing this & see how player react... if there is an overwhelming love (because there is a waiting Queue too often) , then add 2 more!
  10. This is something Im talking with another player lke yourself privately.... There is a trend and it will happen here, where "cooperative zones" (think of a ven diagram, like the beta server, one side pvp, other PVE) where they overlap. If you are NOT in a GROUP, you cannot be killed or kill others.. a zone meant for "cooperative play only".. THIS WILL HAPPEN (imagine clans being limited to controlling only "cooperative zones", instead of a whole pvp map, then dissolve and nobody ever challenge them).. the point is to minimize servers and collapsing players by pushing all the different games play types into ONE GAMEPLAY MAP SERVER.... you will be able to walk into each different gamplay mode instead of joining/leaving servers. I would think they would be smart to leave PVE ONLY servers, to TUTORIAL & PRIVATE RENT SERVERS, everyone will be fine. but free to play OPEN WORLD MODES will be smashed into ONE PLACE...and when it does, you will need to make a choice (if they apply this to current maps, you lose access to parts of the map you otherwise would normally patrol. zombie contracts & travel mission then force you to cross over into PVP, you don't have to engage, but it will force you to be aware of your surroundings & other players..aka "head on a swivel.")... to accept this new adaptation, or find a new game to play....that would suck, because it sounds like you're a fun player.....
  11. Premium & private servers are for PAYING PLAYERS ONLY, the comment then wouldn't apply to you...you know I'm trying to to delegate one conversation multiple ppl at once talking to me... its not like we're all talking together here trying to figure this out.... (here's an anology that might help you see my pov from outside it all): its like I'm the new young guy who started at the company office, and you are all long term employees whose been unhappy for a while and just dont want things to change for the better, because you like it "the way it is." and you see me as a threat, because the boss notcied me and like an idea... its cool... its odd but cool I guess. I'm not touting how much I've paid, made or done in the game, just that I'm a NEW PAYING MEMBER, and cannot understand why for the life of me, this community is like this??? & its not like you have 10 yr olds with mommies credit card on here crying every time they get clapped...because they think having the newest skin in the GI or vehicle MEANS something, when it doesn't. WE have RIGHT NOW, before this next AMAZING PATCH, to really HELP the DEVS, and all you care about is what help improves your OWN PERSONAL GAMEPLAY, because you don't know how to adapt to the other playable modes??? RIGHT NOW, they are asking for ways to polish the building system, fix the vehciles and improve PVP, and it sounds like is you're crying for solo????? *BOOOOOM- mind blown*
  12. Look personal feelings are getting in the way... I am just saying some things as they are from a new player perspective. There will come a point where we will stop picking and work together to balance the system between paying players & free players. I've already tried to help players only to have them run off with stuff instead of watching my body when it comes to PVE... paying means I buy things with GC, and when I get help with a mission I reward the players.. I've already started to limit & learn the best way to encourage positive behavior from grouping players.... and there are players who even from the very beginning, cannot help themselves, that act that way, and will never help again. But I dont let one players action stop me from being a decent player online. There are times to be deviant, and there are times to be loyal. Knowing the difference will make it better. I've noticed that from what I've learned, the game & players have already outgrown the basic MMO contract mission model in this game...there is a HUGE imbalance of negative reinforcement mission near end game....its hard to have a great balance of pvp when the GI is loaded with pvp KILL contracts, over cooperation contracts. it should be the OTHER WAY AROUND... in the beginning, kill contracts should be prevelant, 1 or 2 kills to help level, and then move slowly to the cooperative by HELPING new players. Creating end game & paying player rewards THAT HAVE NO AFFECT ON THE GAME (like skins) is a great way to promote... there was a time the servers were so active, clans were getting their own skins.... then something happened.... (I've yet to learn why) ....but now its about making sure this next patch for ALL OF YOURS SAKES, bring in the paying players & streamers. because if that happens, supply & demand will force the devs to drop prices across the board to compensate for free players....
  13. Proof is already in this thread... a NEW PAYING PLAYER, comes in here and recommends a few changes, and is listened too by some miracle. and then proceeds to give feedback on BETA (which is what they asked for) ...and you FREE PLAYERS complain you dont get to test it, and don't like the PAYING PLAYERS recommendations. Because it forces you to contribute to the game. SO MUCH SO, you have been trying to pivot FROM the PATCH to ME.... You guys don't care about the community, you care about your free ride.... when the devs finally put a seasoned financial consultant/advisor and put them in a meeting with the marketing dev, and they both realize, numbers on the servers don't correlate to the revenue they make in order to even cover their bills... there wont even BE a game for free players, because the free players are bleeding them dry.....The only thing from PVE solo's keeping them afloat are PAYING PLAYERS who RENT a server..... the "free player model" only works as a marketing campaign at launch... after that if they haven't turned yo into a paying player (on any level, including micro transactions) they are LOSING MONEY EVERY SECOND YOU PLAY.... and if you're not bringing players, because you "want to solo play ALONE," they're gonna find ways to shed you off, because you are no longer a benefit to the game, you're a liability. its not called a "MASSIVE ALONE ONLINE GAME.. (its MMO, not MAO)... you may have something, if you can convince them to make a "solo/storyline mode." but with battle royale WITH BUILDING dominating the scene, that's gonna be last on the list of things to do. Didn't the Original Z have a solo/storyline mode?
  14. Look I respect your opinion, and there are plenty PVE open world scenarios where interacting with other players is & should happen... If you want to "be left alone;" as you put it, then rent a server & lock it to yourself... a game should NOT have to supply you a free ride, just to play their game. I agree in the sentiment the OTHER way too....imagine PVP players forced to be nicer & interact in order to finish a mission... This is where we as a "community" can figure this out...Not only have I been finding problems, but offering solutions, all I've heard is "blah blah blah...this game is going to the pvpers... so many problems..." while you still play it.... why not ask for PVP missions that REQUIRE helping players, with the focus on creating friendships within the game? after all it has a chat system built in...we don't need FB style interaction... just a few to help fix the honor system. I wonder how many ppl have figured out basic server commands work in the game yet? (like /pm "playername")... a mission like "Bleeding hearts" (there is a bunch of NPC missions, why not add these to the game???-- In survival I have found a cpl missions that require vax help, we need MORE OF THESE KINDS OF MISSIONS) I want what you want too, the problem is you're too busy grasping onto straws of PVE that may need to go, & same with PVP players.. when it comes to PVP, I'm tired of the CQB Sniper setup. Everyone tries to camp from high ground. The missions that require player kills is what drives up the negaitive pvp. There is not enough good PVP missions contracts to balance the bad ones...and when you have a stock pile of "kill 50 players to get this coin" I can also see why you feel SOLO PVE is your thing... I'm here to see if the game is worth playing... the COMMUNITY is apart of that... if this is how you welcome new players...I can see why its failing, and its NOT the DEVS, their dancing like monkeys to keep the FREE PLAYERS HAPPY, when they should be making the ones who pay the bills happy.. they've been listening to you guys too long (I jest, but there is some truth to this... ) Want to improve the server counts?? last thing you want to do is "bit the hands that feeds you/ smack the gift horse in the mouth/trash the paying players who help keep F2P, FREE - 2 play"...
  15. Look I only returned fire "of the same sound & rate" as the one shooting in the first place...I never used "the community" as an excuse to complain about what i found.... Im sure to the outsider eating his popcorn with michael jackson, knows (as I do)exactly what you are doing.. I just hurt your feelings because I spoke the truth, you ONLY play this game because it's FREE. your "play style of PVE" has nothing to do with that. Paying players are just tired of taking cost of your crybaby...It's why you took my fatal shots & try to use them against me (sugarplum, really? you could've used anything other rhan a fruit at that point). I think you just like to take our your frustrations on others. I've played a few missions. Right now I am focusing on the build system, im not even on the maps atm.. Just know I'm a PAYING PLAYER, because i used to play RUST (guess what you buy the whole game upfront, on steam) I wanted to see the F2P competitors..this one fits within the spec, and was informed they were adding a build system.... as a OFFICIAL BETA TESTER, I want to see what its got...At least I am supporting them in the efforts... and not complaining about it. Just because somehow or for some reason Sven acknowledged me at all apparently has riled you up. or is it because I treat the devs with respect and just happen to "speak dev lingo." (beta testing is a real paying job...in this case... I learned about the beta test, and was willing to invest to try it, since I've already spent $40 on RUST). I'm not looking to start a fight, I am looking to help bring this game back by helping them find best ways to do that AND pay the bills at the same time. Cry all you want.... Adapt or die..... that's the MMO world... All it takes is a player like me from another gaming platform, to bring a few dozen players from their clan with just a cpl streamers & put this back on the map... clearly something YOU DON'T WANT, because then your "free ride" is over. ....just know trying to scare me away like this isn't gonna help, if anything its gonna hurt your cause. It would be amazing for Fredaikis & the dev crew if all of a sudden an Esports team came in & blew this up after the building system is finalized and added into battle royale. After all I know quite a few streamers personally who are DYING to leave fortnie/apex/rust for a sandbox mmo like this one..... Of course, "free ride" players like yoruself would HATE that, because then paying players will get more perks, and you will be forced to pay & play PVP just to compete in the game AT ALL.
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