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  1. Looks like i'm gonna not play year or so . This NEED to be in this game.
  2. Woodle

    New event

    When i was walking through Devil's pass this thing went into my mind. Zombie horde event. I mean event like an airdrop or radiation. Horde will appear somewhere in the forest so it does not cause lag in the cities plus there will be no way to cheat it by walking on a car etc. Zombies from the horde will have diffrent drops maybe even more exp but they will be harder. Maybe not double health like in radiation event but i'm thinking about maybe more damage more to chance to get infected or maybe more speed of the group.
  3. I agree only with 4 and 5. 4 not maybe the loot you said but it realy needs a buff. 5 YES damn i craft only brotherhood vaccines and maybe sometimes meds.
  4. 'Okay i see one person... i will sneak after him and then kill him. *1 minute later* Yes! i got him! But... it's time to loot him. *30 minutes later* Yikes i finally looted everything what i need.' Well nobody likes situation like this in particular when there is a lot of people on server. Well here is example! Just make this. Taking loot from the ground after a kill or sth will be much easier now.
  5. Woodle


    Will you let people mod your game? I mean like create new objectives, new zombie skins or improve graphics etc. Something like a workshop on steam. I think it would be great to give fans a free hand. I don't know how is it working in this game but in Unturned it was pretty easy to add a lot of things and some of them were used by creators of the game (even i have created a map in 40% but i took me a over month). Everyone would get benefits from this. People will have fun with editing and you will faster improve the game. As i said i don't know how it looks like in this game but i think you should give a try for this. (again sorry for my english)
  6. Zombies + Vikings = Perfect combo lol
  7. This update is actually cool.
  8. Woodle

    More Missions

    I would like to see in survival some more missions and a story line. Survival mode should have more pve stuff. Add more npc's, create more missions like: ''Hey, can you help me? I've left picture of my daughter in Crystal Lake Resort in my house. This is only thing left of my daugther. Also kill these awful zombies as a revenge! Please help me. You will get your reward.'' Difficulty: Easy Tasks: Take picture of Sonah daughter in Crystal Lake Resort 0 / 1 Kill 20 zombies in Crystal Lake Resort 0 / 20 Reward: 5x Bandages, 1x Can Of Soup, 1x Energy Drink
  9. Woodle

    New NPC

    Not really. Devs would need to create inner cash drops and diffrent 'bank account'. Maybe you could buy a couple of things but not like in open world.
  10. Woodle

    New NPC

    The thing with ,,when someones will buy your deal'' is there will be an NPC and he will show your offer to anyone else on the server if they will too click on this NPC and check avabaile deals. Of course you need to make an offer first.
  11. Woodle

    New NPC

    Sorry english isnt my first language. 1. Place where you can trade even if some players are offline 2. idk how i can tell this. Probably the answer is in the first one 3. To prevent things like this 4. I think so. I will try to make a visualisation later Forgot to add nick names to each side. First one Woodl3 second Bob third AmJeff four Lukas. So let's say Lukas isn't on the server but i can still trade with him because he made an offer 3 leather backpacks and 8 large backpacks for 7 repair kits. If i want to get these backpacks i need 7 repair kits in my inventory and then let's imagine i will click okay button and done. Also sorry i know this looks terrible but it was 100% of my paint power. (it took me 1 hour XD)
  12. Woodle

    New NPC

    In safe zone there could be a new NPC that have some kind of market. I mean where people make offers like ,,*picture with vaccine (in the bottom right corner x4)* for *mystery skin picture*'' When you make offer NPC takes from your inventory these items to stop players that want to glitch it. When someones will buy your deal you will need to go to NPC to take items out. To stop spam with useless trades like 100 metal for 1 bandage player can only make 3 offers at one time. EDIT. Trade can exist only for 30 days then they will disappear. Also of course player that created offer can cancel it. You can also add like a search thing there like you write vaccine and it will show up trades will vaccines.
  13. Building I think nobody wants to see a typical wood bases like in every other game. By building i mean camps. A tent where you can go in and there put items like in save zones. There will be no storage in save zone anymore. Maps are big enough so there will be no problem with place. You can't place your camp in and really near to cities smaller towns etc. Every player can only have one camp. You can't build a camp near someones camp. You can share your tent for max 2 friends so they can use the storage. You need to craft tent first so it will be harder for new players! Crafting 5 sticks 10 cloth. Players that didn't used tent let's say for a week it will disappear so it doesn't take place. You need to do a map option where you can see available places for your tent. You can also move your tent by taking it from first place to the inventory and going to the place where you can put it.
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