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  1. AR Stats - Feedback

    i dont get it your new imi = aug
  2. AR Stats - Feedback

    This is why they should buff SG556. Maybe even 26.5 dmg and of course more accurate.
  3. AR Stats - Feedback

    Look at trades - everyone buy imitars.. there is conclusion: it is good enough. It just will be op with 26dmg imo
  4. Small Market Interior

    ?? i will leave this
  5. AR Stats - Feedback

    but imitar is faster btw. i think they should decrease l85 and thomson dmg
  6. Small Market Interior

    I am survival player if u want to know.. i told "u" many times that u should add something new to survival because its going to be dull. There is a lot of places where ppl are camping, do u think thats a good move to add one more building for them? There is a lot of work for devs right know.. they are working on new map and its not time to adding "not important things".
  7. Small Market Interior

    Imo survival is not to making fun events
  8. Small Market Interior

    I dont get it.. where is problem? If u will cover this there is no way to push that market .. thats good idea for campers but not for other ppl who want to play normal not in one place holding this for whole day.
  9. AR Stats - Feedback

    In my opinion that was good choice to decrease ar's spread .. now u have chance when somebody is camping on u behind tree because he cant take control on his weapon. Secondly, if u know how spread work u can easily do 5 hs in a row from 50m . But there is a lot of guns that needs rework. For example: SG556 the weapon that everyone know as a most accurate weapon in game.. right now imitar is better on range imo.
  10. More detailed sens settings

    For example.. i can pick 5.35 or 5.37 - too slow or too high .. the perfect would be 5.36. U can also add sens points system in game because u can only set this at a guess.
  11. PvP Server suggestion

    very nice paint skills +1
  12. Infestation The New Z- SuperCup 2018!

    Add more buildings around, we have enough fps
  13. Infestation The New Z- SuperCup 2018!

    TEAM: Sons Of Anarchy Clan SOAC COUNTRY: Poland CONTACT: Gibelin PLAYERS: Gibelin, Igorek, Bocik, Cenzor, Kozibrodka, Kisek, Danek, Dligz, Amir, Sid21, Shadow, Sasha
  14. New Skins

    Toxic kstyle / nvg M4 black or other (ppl on survival using m4)
  15. New customize + question

    We have new characters for GC like AVARAGE JANE or CLIMBER and we have no customize for that like other chars.. christmas suits etc . Second thing is that when i am using AVARAGE JANE i have obligatory hat and all kstyle skins dont look well. Think about it. And question: How can i get that new char SHANE?