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    Ideas for better Open World

    This is like explaining politics to a child, no offense.
  2. Raymolfin

    Maybe someone here can help?

    I know that this is a long shot, but all my friends have gotten alpha keys for Battlefield 5 and I haven't, So if anyone by chance has a key and aren't going to use it, I would be very thankful if I could have it!
  3. Raymolfin

    Survival Mode - Loot

  4. Raymolfin

    Add item durability

    Doesn't matter. Items have to decay over time or they will become a commodity. Please google what commodity means. Attachments were infinite, this was a problem in I:SS, which they failed to fix even after adding durability. Survival mode is a general improvement from what the original game offered, except immersion, which is heavily lacking in NewZ. I'm sure you DEVs can figure out a way to make durability an influential part of the game. This is a survival sandbox, not infinite item simulator where there are 100,000 Scars in 2 more months. Wake up.
  5. Raymolfin

    Add item durability

    It would greatly improve the gameplay in my opinion. The idea above combined with a limited amount of repairs.
  6. All items need durability to maintain the loop. Can't have infinite use items. If not, we'll just have a another "Open World" type game mode where everybody have high-end weapons, which causes everything to eventually become a commodity.
  7. Raymolfin

    Survival - Current Progress

    Please add a 20 min cooldown on respawn, if you dont, survival will be no different from open world.
  8. Raymolfin

    Welcome to the new Forums! (New Z Giveaway)

    I'll win all three since I'm top kek.