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  1. No gunplay variety because of KOS concerns? Really?
  2. A few days ago I had a discussion in the NetherTUC discord about the MACH-9 beeing overpowered or not as its equipped to the sidearm slot in comparison to the MAG-DR, which is a primary gun. I don't think we should have to make the decission of either playing MAG-DR or CRU. The first is the best universal gun in the game while the second is the best sniper, but (quick-scoping skills of 1% of the player base ignored) very situational. At character level 31 I am in the end game. I wanna play the strongest guns in order to have the best survival chances. This game is about survival and you loose everything on your character on death. In my opinion, we should have the freedom of choice which combination of guns we want to play. As a solo player I need a way to defend myselfs against opponents that are close-range as well as against snipers. Therefore I would like do advocate that we have two equal ranked weapon slots instead of one primary and one secondary. And here' why: In the primary slot we have MAG DR - high damage, fully automatic, scoped (close / mid-range) Lopes - low damage, fully automatic, silenced (close / mid-range) KB-12 - medium damage (close range) TFC - high damage (close range) RAB - high damage, semi-automatic, silenced, scoped (long range) CRU - high damage, scoped (long range) Pipe Sniper - high damage, scoped (long range) SVD - high damage, scoped (long range) In the secondary slot we have MACH-9 - medium damage, burst fire, scoped (close / mid-range) Uzi / HAZ - medium damage, fully automatic (close / mid-range) Can gun - low damage (close range) All Pistols (close range) All high damage rifles / shotguns / snipers are meant to be in the primary slot as well as the Lopes (the second-weakest gun in the game). Therefore we have very limited build variety for a strong gun combination of long-range AND close-range encounters. Shotguns (KB-12, TFC) -> weak on mid-/long-range Rifle (MAG-DR, Lopes) -> weak on long-range Sniper (CRU, SVD, RAB, Pipe Sniper)-> weak on close-/mid-range (MACH-9 is unreliable and just got nerfed) There is a reason why in the past the majority of solo players choosed the combination of CRU + MACH-9 because this was the only useful combination that allows for fast swapping of guns and having a strong gun for every range. I wanna be able to play weapon combinations like ... TFC + CRU (pure fun, huge stopping power), Lopes + Pipe-Sniper (4.45 ACP only, fully silenced) MAG-DR + RAB (5.56 only, very interesting for solo gameplay) ... and with two equal ranked weapon slots, this build variety would be possible.
  3. Most people enjoy the city much more than the wastelands because if the vertical gameplay, the dense of the city, which makes Nether's survival setting unique. But since the wastlands got introduced the game seems to push players to play in the wastelands - more or less against their will: package vendor system is better in the wastelands (one vendor for all delivery missions) escort mission are the only mission type that has 5 location in the wastelands and 5 in the city we have 6 territory landmarks in the wastelands but only 2 in the city we have 6?? reaper spawns in the wastelands but only 2 in the city we have 6 loot drop event locations in the wastelands but only 3 in the city we have 4 nether surge event locations in the city and none in the wastelands All this emphasis on the wasteland doesn't change the fact that the wastelands are used alsmost exclusively for leveling (account & character) by doing package runs. And even with the absense of natural cover, you don't see other players often. If players want PvP action, they go to the city - although there are significantly fewer events taking place there (which would incentivise PvP). So .. I am not advocating that any of the existing activities should be removed from the wastelands. But we definitely need more rewarding activities in the city. In former incarnations of this game we had: a Reaper spawning in the open field on 290 street (north west of Lakeside) a Reaper spawning in Basso Park a Reaper spawning north of Old Burnham (above or below the highway) Loot drops in Basso Park / Bennet Park / Manso Park occoured far more often It would be great to have all these activities back in the city. Let loot drops happen simultaniously in the city and in the wastelands. So players in both areas have something to do. Nether surges sadly never provided anything useful (more XP, item drops) to players. Their location on the map also doesn't really fit any clear purpose. It would be an interesting idea to have Nether surges actually blocking main travel routes between safe zones (RTO, WTO, LSZ, MTO). This could also be implemented for the wastelands. But please - make the risk of fighting Nethers in a surge a rewarding activity. That's my 2ct. Salty Leon
  4. In the first version of Nether we had account / character persistance across all servers. This lasted from the initial release in 2013 until the game died. Nether:Resurreced didn't had this feature for its official servers but some communitys driven servers re-introduced this feature on their own by synchronising player data between their servers. In my opinion Nether needs this persistance across its official servers. There are tons of good reasons why a player wants to play on a low-pop server on one day and on a high-pop server on another day. Persistance would make the game way more attractive to all returning and new players. This was part of the reasons why Nether:Resurrected failed so quickly - because all players were forced to restart the grind for the important account level bonusses (e.g. more GI space) on every single server they joined. Account level progression is slow ... this takes a lot of hours until you get the really good bonuses (more health, more stash space, etc.). So ... players (we all are casual Nether players now) want to see some progress from every hour they invest in this game. And the rewards for the investment are the account level bonusses (more health, more GI space). But without persistence the majority of players wont ever see the higher tier bonuses. Because the grind for some money and stuff to craft even the cheap guns takes hours before you are actually ready for PvP - which was the driving force for long-term fun in that game.
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