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    Split item

    you can split stuff , just drag the item on an empty spot and rigth click
  2. When you pull something from your global into your inventor(tried it with ammo and some nether parts), it looks like they combine perfectly , but when you drop it and pick it up again the half of the global disappears. Its only when you pull something from the global on what you already have in your inventoy , not the other way around.
  3. timiboy11

    wing glider

    sometimes when i start flying , my camera angel just turns by sth about 90-180 degrees instantly making me fly in the wrong direction. I tried keyboard and mouse controls , both the same. Also in the old nether you could press "s" to fly further away , but now your pretty limited since you can only change directions with "a" and "d". I wish this would be reverted, i love long flligths on the glider :D.
  4. Like in title , when you repair a safezone sometimes the nethers dont despawn staying in the safezone forever
  5. Hay , first of all i love the idea of this project and i will try to support it as much as i can. So , when i palyed nether back in the days i missed some kind of Variety in your Gear. The only thing you needed was a backpack, a gun and some Ammo and your good to go to do whatever you want. I would love to see those old "skin parts" you could equip on your arms etc changed to some kind of armor. You shut be able to craft and loot those Armor Parts, and when you equip them they shut protect that specific body part by a certain % from bullets. This also makes you not immediatly reach "end game" when you have more stuff to loot or do to maximize your stats.
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