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  1. We gave a chance in newz after a long period (my clan-team, we are 8-15 people). Its really sad when there is not an AR server. This game, because of the 3rd person camera and the 1headshot kills, is one of the most boring ones. Everyone is just sitting back and waiting and spamming their bullets without any rush or good play like the good old days. 2 Suggestions from veterans: Change the 1headshot kill (Lets say, let 2-3 snipers with good damage able to do that, like awp and magnum). Add a rifle colorado one. (or lets all sit in a tree with an ots or vss and zzzzzzzz sleep) Also let the old good features, now you can rush every building in every area. You erased the strongholds totally. How can small groups protect theirselves from bigger ones. Even the most favourite one, the post-office, its open from all sides, your changes did harm to the game.
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