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  1. I confirm this. Lost HP just be stepping in or jumping in the water.
  2. I vouch for this idea. It's 2019 and this is something that Nether needs. Judd has great knowledge in this area. It would be nice seeing him help out of the devs are down.
  3. I'm still wondering how benefitting it will be choosing Survival for the Double Rep event. Loot not as common as OW and people basically have to hunt down other players for KOS to get the kill rep now. And the chances of that happening anyway are low due to the fact that there aren't as many people on Survival as there are on OW. I think the idea of the event is good but would have been better if there were actually more people playing the Survival mode. Perhaps an event to encourage OW players to play Survival would have been better for now since I feel like the rep event for Survival is a waste of event space this weekend.
  4. I confirm this. I moved GI ammo to backpack, stacked it, moved it back then it disappeared.
  5. If I remember well, we never shared inventory but you must have had the impression because in the old game almost every person who died would drop millions. It was easy to buy 15 medkits and selling them to level before exiting the safezones. So it gave the impression that we always have our inventory since guns and money were everywhere due to glitches and hacks. Though I have to agree. I think that would be a nice idea since nothing can guarantee which server will be high or low on pop. If I spent a lot of time looting and built up my inventory for days and suddenly that server dropped to 0-5 ppl eternally then it wouldn't be cool. It would feel like I've wasted my time. I have to admit that because the game is now clean and prestine from glitch abuse, that leveling up feels hard. I played 7 hours and been having a hard time even getting a functioning weapon because the health is either not enough or people KOS and then you have to restart all over again. Then just as I found my first Mach9, friends moved on to a different server and I had to go back there and restart all over again. So basically a night of dying to Nether because hard to find any good loot to defend self and not everyone wants to jump into PVP just yet. Is the money at least shared between servers? At least money could help for ammo and meds when switching servers and having to spend hours again looking for a good melee or gun parts. Though I must admit that at the same time it feels fair that everyone has to start over when switching servers so that people don't go around farming kills from server to server just because they have a big inventory. My stance on the subject remains neutral.
  6. I don't remember it being possible to carry inventory around servers.
  7. Finally! You're saving one of my favorite games of all time, thank you!
  8. I admit the last few posts about the color theme made me crack up as they lit up the mood. I was wondering why the color galore @CampersRUs but then remembered that last line from @Lauchboy then it all made sense.
  9. I haven't yet played the new release but I like your idea, it's appealing. One of the fun things about Nether is its cosmetics. So I'll imagine the armor to be worn under the cosmetic since people kinda enjoyed having a character that looked slightly different than another player depending on what it's wearing. And when you said from 'skin parts' you mean Nether parts I guess, correct?
  10. @DNI_Adrian You didn't read my original post, did you? You talk about me pushing people into PvP, but something is not clear. What do you say PvP is? Because clearly when I said that things should change around Open World, was to make it more comfortable for 'PvE' players. Like you, a lot don't play in OW because of the KOS and because of what people call PvP today. I'm old school mate. Camping around Nato or Boulder with sniper rifles and riot shields killing a player who has nothing to defend themselves with but a melee is not PvP in my book. That's Player taking advantage of another Player with little to defend themselves. KOS is exactly why a lot of people turned into savages, the reason why a lot of people now KOS--because once they were mercilessly KOSed when they were minding their own business. Remember when I said that back in the days players used to trust each other still when they voiced that they were friendly? Trust me, this existed once. Then it died when KOS issue became colossal. So what is PvP for you? Because for me, PvP is when a player bump into another player and they find themselves in a situation where they have the option to oppose/combat each other. Not every PvP scenario turns into a blood bath. I made friends on WarZ and NewZ before I decided to pull the trigger and instead of us killing each other in a PvP scenario, we teamed up and played against other people who were coming after us. And that is what I mean by encouraging ways to better the OW universe so that PvE server dwellers don't have to dislike it any longer and come try it for a PvP experience. PvP experience is broad and it's not about a bunch of fully geared bunny-hopping nubs screaming on mics different languages. I'm utterly disgusted when I see people spam in chat 'where pvp?' because it makes me think 'this is what the game has become'. Where is the thrill? Back in the days you found out where pvp was the moment you ran into a hot zone. It wasn't as much advertised as it is now. If you really think that we want people to come play in Open World so we have more to shoot then you're seriously wrong and assuming inaccuracies. You said: What am I purposing on exactly? 'cause form what I understood you didn't really get what I'm purposing. I have 0 interest in killing civilians, new players, and anyone else with a Positive Reputation. But I will unleash my bullets on anyone I see with a Negative Reputation above Bandit. Why? Because those people with high Negative Reputations are clearly KOS-geniuses and are 100% in it for the KOS. Do I feel bad? Never. But when I'm tired killing them, then I'm in Open World or PvE teaming up with people that are new or civilians and helping them out figuring out the game. In Open World, I don't team up with high ranked players, but I team up with new players and civilians because then they feel 'protected'. My friends and I aren't trying to play saviors, but we do want to make sure that if they were bothered by other players, that we could jump in and try to kill those bothering them. And yes, when my clanmates are around, we go to a hot zone and KOS because everyone there would be there to get KOSed. I'm not proposing a wipe, as I feel like you hinted you thought I did. I have 0 interest in a wipe or change the game completely. It's people who want traces of PvP gone that are in the wrong. I'll be clear and say it again that unfortunately right now, NewZ is PvP/PvE, but PvE not in the way you think. It's only PvE because it offers natural obstacles and zombies to an already existing world of PvP. There is absolutely NOTHING in the PvE servers that are made to make you think there is a PvE mode. Do you get this at least? Because if there was, PvE would be right up there on the main lobby screen with Open World, Survival, Competitive & Battle Royal. Do you know why it isn't there? I will say it for the 10th time: Because there is no such thing as a pure PvE experience on Infestation NewZ. Perhaps we can agree on this at least? Now, they can build a PvE mode for those who have no interest in shooting players or get shot at. But this would take effort from the devs and it might be time-consuming to create and that is a Multiplayer experience with grinding, missions, fighting computer enemies, etc. Make use of the clan system and base building in Privately-owned servers. Leader of a clan/server could turn the option on or off for 'invaders' and there will be a set of rules too. Do scavenger hunts, run packages between safe zones or between Friendly clan bases and only have it so that PvP is enabled on bases, so people can either attack the base or defend it. And I'm pretty sure that there are many ideas out there that could help create that PvE experience for people that want nothing to do with Open World. As for where you said I wasn't welcome on PvE, it wasn't you but Kat: As for people harassing you for being a woman etc, can you please not make it sound like I was trying to put words in your mouth? I didn't start this subject and I don't know what happened nor do I want to know, but it's no news that females do get harassed in the video gaming world, and unfortunately it's never going to change no matter how many reports or bans occur. It's the society we live in today. As for you @Katryna247 No dear, you didn't humour, but you made exactly my point. You think that I'm against you when I'm actually rooting for a functioning PvE universe so nobody who doesn't have to put up with PvPers, and at the same time rooting for those 'scared' of OW to come and try it if new challenges could be added to OW to make it harder for a PvPer to survive. 1) You answered exactly what I thought to this question. And do you feel like that's how PvE servers should be? Because personally, I think, i people run away from OW to PvE, it's not healthy for this game. There is something definitely wrong with the PvP playerbase. It's way too easy. I've always imagined a perfect world where PvP and PvE can perfectly co-exist and that can only happen if you bring a challenge to PvP in NewZ. 2) You're mistaken. You don't need all those types of guns to kill some badly scripted zombies and dumb super zombies. Come on, we both know the guns were made for PvP. All you need for killing zombies is a Shank knife and full experience to 1 hit kill. I will believe you if you tell me that you spend your time in the PvE servers using every gun to kill zombies and actually loving it too. By you denying what I say, you're giving the devs a reason to keep PvE as it is. By YOU telling me that you're content doing what you do in PvE, nothing is going to change for you. You definitely have an issue with OW/PvP, and you seem like you still like the game or else you wouldn't be playing it, but as a PvPer I really think that you or Adrian or people like you shouldn't feel pushed into PvE 'servers' knowing that they have no other choice. Can we agree that we need a PvE mode? An official mode? Aside from the PvE servers that are there to only fulfil one purpose? 3) Private Servers exist in as a PvE setting because it helps PvPers loot. It started with Infestation/WarZ. Clans started donating into their owns servers so they can grind and farm because not everyone had the dollars or the amount of Bandage Dx required to buy from traders in both the Black Market and the Ingame Trade Lounge. Fun Fact: Bandage Dx used to be the currency used for trade. Again, read 2 and let's stop lying to ourselves or the devs will never do anything. I want to comment on the rest of your post but I really have a headache. Will do later maybe on top of whatever else you write after this post. And please for the love of our precious time, stop saying ''ecause the game is offering something for the PVE players weather you like it or not'' because saying that won't change the fact that there is NOTHING in PvE that's going to make PvE people want to get NewZ. You need a PvE Game Mode. Not PvE servers masquerading under what it isn't. I'm being simply perfectly honest. Stay content with what you have and that's all it will ever be. You clearly mentioned that you grind to sell for PvPers. Why should it be that way? Why can't there be an official PvE Mode so you could do something for you for once? Hell, I would myself want a PvE Mode if there has ever been any, but because it isn't, all I have is Open World.
  11. Info is wrong. The SCAR-H is a 7.62 assault rifle/DMR. But the site has it as 5.56 which is only something the SCAR-L uses, not SCAR-H. There is a reason why these two exist. SCAR-H is a designated marksman rifle rounds (DMR). It's not a sniper rifle. And the game has another thing wrong. 5.56 can be chambered in a DMR clip as seen in NewZ but NOT in the SCAR-H which is usually chambered in 7.62x45 SCAR-H is a DMR or EBR (enhanced battle rifle) The only way it can become a sniper rifle is for it to become MK20 (Scar receiver with much larger rounds. I think 303 if I'm not wrong.) SCAR-H (Heavy) why it uses 7.62 SCAR-L (Light) why it uses 5.56 Doesn't need a genius to understand this. What makes a Sniper Rifle is ammunition and barrel length. And a barrel that would be used on a SCAR-H is long about 3 inches longer than a SCAR-L generally not sniper barrel so why would a game use a dangerous concept? On a SCAR-H the largest scope I would put on it is a 4.5 or 6xACOG Scope. Nothing bigger.
  12. Original topic was about Open World. What does any of the irrelevant opinions above recently posted have anything to do with Open World or how to make Open World a better place? Also, 'Kids' can be adults too. And to clarify, I wasn't talking about Nato and loot, I was talking about Nato and PvP and how every damn PvPer goes to Nato while the rest of the map is empty. Even people who just want to bump into others and play together can't 'cause everyone is in that damned place called Nato. Let me be brutally honest and say that there are many things wrong in the couple posts above. First of all, NewZ is a survival for multi-game mode. It is NOT a PvE game. So you guys thinking that we stay on this side of the border and you should stay in yours, ain't working. This isn't North Korea. So you guys telling me to stay where I am, defeats the reasons why this game exists. The PvE servers exist for us PvP players just as they exist for people who want to farm and sell loot on the Black Market or through the trading channel, as stated by Kat: What are you saying? PvE servers existed even in the old game. PvE servers are simply there for people to loot where killing players is disabled. Do you know that? Other than that, everything in PvE servers are traces of PvP (unless you need THAT MANY guns to kill zombies 24/7 lol?) Maybe you should make your own game? Or maybe should a dev come and explain to you the purpose of why PvE servers exist? Exactly. PvE servers were not built for you to just sit in them. You're using them to sell for trade because clearly there is nothing else that the PvE servers offer you. Why? Because the game right now has nothing to offer for PvE. I don't know what delusional world you live in, but this is what the game is: Player vs Player (in a PvE world), and that's whether you like it or not. So tell me to stay out of PvE, you're telling me as a customer/player to stay away from content that is equally ours. Also stop assuming. I'm a PvP player and I don't need the self-proclaimed 'PvE'ers to sell me or trade for me. I kill baddies and take their loot and when I'm bored, I go to PvE servers and loot my shit myself and make friends and I have converted many bambis into PvPers. You have this idea that a PvPer means someone who KOS 24/7. You got it all wrong sister. I don't know why Katryna and Adrian seem very angry, but you don't have to attack me. You can do a 90-degree angle and attack those who brought the game as it is to you. You seem to hold a grudge against a stupendous playerbase of both PvP players and players who enjoy Open World. And why? Because you get KOSed? Then maybe NewZ is not the game for you, not is DayZ, Miscreated, Nether, Rust, Ark, and the list goes on and on. Those guns you sell, they existed for a reason. To kill players AND zombies, but to kill players first. If anything, it's the person who believes that NewZ should be a PvE game that doesn't belong on NewZ. Complaining about PvP on Survival Games is like saying "There is no need for survival games in the first place that are MULTIPLAYER.'' Maybe if you play Survival Single Player games, you will get the PvE world you dream about. I want anyone of you to answer these questions. Since you seemed to skip all over my post and understand it, how about you two answer these questions: 1) What do you do in PvE servers except to loot so you can trade/sell? 2) What do you think the guns are there for? 3) Why do you think Private Servers in PvE exist? 4) Why do you think 95% of the game's features are to promote Players to engage Players? 5) You seem to think you know what PvE and PvP stand for. You religiously talk about these labels as if they were unicorns. Care to explain. Because last time I checked in a game like NewZ, PvE stands for Player vs Environment aka Zombies. Isn't that we everyone runs into anyway trying to dodge zombie attacks lmao? Unlike the both of you, I'm not angry or mad nor attacking you per se as you seemed to do in your angry-generated posts. And just because you had a sour experience on NewZ, that doesn't mean that the game itself was built to encourage KOS. That's the community's fault, not the game itself. Now, let's look at the description of Infestation NewZ/WarZ: Model: Multiplayer Description: "features both first person and third person shooting perspectives. The game offers players the option of killing zombies or playing against other users (PvP). Outside the safe zones, players could engage in player versus player combat and player versus environment combat with zombies. Killing other players granted the user reputation based on the victims standing[9] and a chance to collect their dropped items, whereas killing zombies granted the user experience points for use in the game's skill tree.'' So who are you or anyone to change what the game's nature is and say that PvPers don't belong in PvE servers. Are you the game's creators? The devs? You seem to think that ALL PvPers are out there to KOS. I don't KOS people. First, I look up the name of the person that I just saw, I sent them a group invite. If they refuse it and I'm still in a safe spot, I type in the chat. If they don't answer and they look geared up and heading my way, I shoot back 'to survive'. Now, take a scenario where I see a fresh spawn with nothing, in a town, peacefully trying to gather some loot. Do I run into him to kill him? No I don't. First, because I'm Positive Reputation (which means I don't kill greenies or civilians only guys with Negative Reputation), but also because having played the game long, I know that killing someone while they're trying to gather some loot isn't what's gonna give the person a good NewZ experience. So perhaps both of you should stop generalizing and accusing every person who encourages PvP. PvE players in NewZ barely hold on that label because nothing in the game was built for a pure PvE experience without the risk of getting killed by another player. Why? Because THIS IS what the game has to offer for now. Looting around in PvE to trade the guns doesn't really qualify you for the title 'PvE' player, not even if all you do is lurk. The PvE concept in NewZ is directly linked to the PvP concept. In Open World, even PvPers have to engage the environment. If you came to NewZ to 'get away' from the PVP in other games (like you clearly confessed to), then damn, you chose the wrong place, lol. You're of course, welcome to stay, but it ain't your right to tell PvPers that their presence is not welcome in PvE. Those servers are not rightfully yours. Sucks to say. I hope you don't take offence in anything I said. I wasn't gonna sit here and sugarcoat. So don't try and guilt-trip me by saying to @GENETICZZ and myself 'you encouraged me not to renew this or that.' And I didn't appreciate you both (Kat and Adrian) putting us all who enjoy Open World and killing players in the same fish tank. That would be like being handed your food on a platter and be told not to eat it. I sense frustration and I would much prefer if you don't unleash it on other people for simply sharing their thoughts and opinions. --- Now, I'm adding this topic of 'hate against the ladies' last since it's got NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to do with the subject of the thread. Maybe stop telling everyone you meet that you're a girl? Why does it matter that girls sometimes think they have to say it? We don't care. WE. DON'T. CARE. if you're a girl, a man, or something in between. Only little boys do or nasty paedophiles and men who never seen girls before. Really, the rest of us don't give two shits if you're a girl gamer lol, with all due respect. But if you try to tell people in the chat that you're a girl, then you're bringing attention to yourself and of course, you're going to be treated a certain way because there are many imbeciles in the game. But having played the game for a long time and actively so, I have NEVER met any girl who was harassed in the chat or on mic. So I have a bit of a hard time believing what you say. A lot of the times Asians/Europeans/Brazilians are the only ones really spamming chat/voice or using voice, and many can barely speak proper English, let alone have an actual conversation with you to talk crap. A girl playing a video game is nothing special. There are many girls playing video games. So stop putting everyone in the same bucket of evil people. As far as I'm concerned, I really honestly care less if you're a girl. I ain't gonna go treating you like a queen either, that is for sure. I play with girls all the time and I respect all of them, but none of them got treated bad ever on NewZ, and these are real girls, born and bred. All I'll say is welcome to the internet. NewZ is not the only game where you'll get trash-talked (if you ever did.) If you can't handle that in this game, how do you fare in the FPS world if you care to tell me? Or anywhere on the internet? Actually, I don't even care to know since the subject you brought up is very off topic, often creates drama, and doesn't belong in a thread meant for some constructive criticism.
  13. @GENETICZZ , @CampersRUs , @DNI_Adrian First of all, NewZ is not a remake of Aftermath, it's a remake of Infestation: Survival Stories also once known as WarZ (former name). Aftermath was a sad attempt at being a successor to WarZ when it went on a new IP due to the developer's separation from its partner company. NewZ is nothing close to Aftermath, but everything close to WarZ. GENETICZZ, I don't think you need to apologize, pretty sure you didn't offend anyone here since you're free to share your opinion. I'm gonna be frank here but I'm also gonna clarify some things and say that what you're vouching for was indeed what us WarZ veterans almost had back in the days. The rarity of the loot in Survival is similar to how this WarZ started back in 2012. There was PVP, there was Survival, two themes combined into One Perfect World. The loot was not common, so entering PVP was always a risk of losing that loot. The loot in PVE was never like what we have today. I still remember when in the earlier days, people had to type or speak through the mic 'are you friendly?' before entering a fight with a player. The 'good guys' teamed up, 'the bad guys' were either lone wolves or running with packs, looking to wreak havoc. Then clans began to form. PVP was never in Nato alone because Nato didn't exist back then. PVP was ALL OVER the map from the Northern sides of Colorado like Tyler's Ranch (yes indeed) and Parkerville, to Clearview, Smallvile, Rocky Ford, Hill Ranch, Delta, Mountain Crest, everywhere. Echo's Compound and Devil's Pass were also very hot zones for PVP. You could snipe people all the way from a Campos building to those around Devil's Pass. PVP was never in one place and even ventured to the west of Colorado map, to Norad and Frosty. Hell, I remember the days when PVP was even in the woods. And why was the game so perfect then? Because the game had a feel of 'survival'. Non-PVPers traveling the map for loot were always at risk of entering a PVP zone or bump into 'bandits' those who want to kill them for a granola bar or for a melee weapon or even for their guns. It was thrilling, it made you want to call out for others in chat or on voice and ask if they were friendly, so you could team up and go loot together since power was in number. Tell me the last time any of you seen snipers on the mountains setting up camps? Almost none now. Everyone is in that nasty place called Nato screaming on mic in way too many languages. Back in the days 2012, 2013 and mid 2014, you could even find players with snipers on high mountains all over the map. That's how populated and fun it was. The danger was everywhere, but so was the spirit of survival. Nobody was safe. But now, this is NewZ. The playerbase has changed. More kids have access to NewZ as a free game. Many people in PvP are whining little brats who never played the original game and they think that KOS is how NewZ was intended to be. I'm a PVP player and I can guarantee @DNI_Adrian that not everyone is nasty. Again, you're playing against kids, but there are adults too who play the game and mature people that aren't nasty. They're just sitting around saying nothing and prefer not to interact with other players via chat or voice. Just avoid teaming up with a high ranked player who randomly sends you a friend invite to group up if that player happened to be spamming 'PvP Nato' because clearly he just wants your position to kill you. I team up with people all the time and we have fun PvP when we can. Unfortunately, all PvP is now in Nato, and Nato is infested with nasty people. So after saying all this, why is it that I don't want the removal of Open World? Because again, I'm a PvP player and removing Open World from me means I quit the game. The people who are keeping NewZ alive are the PvPers, truth sucks but the truth is the truth. Without PvP players, this game is dead. You can still take someone like me who played Infestation/WarZ and re-program me to play Survival Mode and enjoy it, but you can't do that to every other person who PVPs on NewZ because a lot of people ONLY EVER knew NewZ. And what is NewZ to them? Open World. And yes, their money is keeping the game going whether you guys like it or not. PvPers need those premium accounts so they can fast-respawn and join the battle full geared. No PvPer has the patience to wait 2 minutes to respawn. So 1) remove Open World, and you kill the game, 2) because everyone is used to NewZ's system now, not WarZ. As for PvE, anyone who hopes for a PvE experience in NewZ is making wishes to fairy Gods. The oldest Zombie Survival game out there is RUST, and even RUST doesn't have a functioning PvE without the trace of PvP. In an MMO, you can't have PvE without PvP. These two go hand in hand. PvE fuels the need to go PvP, whether you go after people or people come to you. PvE only exists in Online Multiplayer games as support to PvP. What do you really wanna do in NewZ PvE except for lootings guns you'll never really use. The Player vs Environment experience is lacking in the PvE channels because there is NOTHING you can do there really. What y'all are wishing for once existed in WarZ which is a great Player vs Environment experience in a Player vs Player world and that world didn't have a lot of loot. Snipers were uncommon back in the days. And you can't have that now unless: - Danger in the Woods: Add massive hordes of zombies in the woods, on the roads, everywhere. - Riot Shields Removal: Remove Riot Shields. PvPers want to PvP, let them find new ways to find cover. No more Riot Shields. This became only a trend when Infestation was dying. Riot shields make it impossible for the non-PvP player to try his/her chance against a Sniper, because them noobs with large inventories can't survive a single fight without hiding behind those shields. So they need them. Remove them. Give the fresh spawn or the noob or the casual player a chance to survive against a heavily geared Sniper. - Fast Zombie Spawn/PvP Locations: Add fast-spawning zombies around Nato and any other big PVP area to encourage players to stop camping and be on the move. - Encourage PvE Players to PvP: Find a way to give PvE players a chance to experience PvP, by making PvP in Open World more challenging. Challenge is not loot because at this point a lot of us PvPers have huge inventories and we can always go back to PvE and milk it for loot, but give us a reason to enjoy PvP so that it doesn't always feel like I'm a robot, just existing in Open World to pull the trigger. - PvP Challenge/Challenged Survival: A lot of us PvPers are getting bored from the same thing over and over again. Anyone with enough snipers can just head to Nato and skip around like a dumb ass bunny KOSing fresh spawners and other noobs in the area or set up camp behind riot shields with their pants down. Make it more challenging to PvP. Give the Clan System a meaning to exist in Open World. Add fast-spawning Screamer Zombies to alert players or others in the area. - Bring Radiation to Nato: Self-explanatory. We're playing a ZOMBIE survival game where Zombies have the agility of a soap fish. Why can't we make them move a little faster? So they can swarm us up a little faster? Why are these zombies so badly scripted thanks to the original creators? Probably there is nothing that can be done about this because then you'll need to re-build the zombies from scratch. But there is definitely something the devs can do to make Open World a fun experience for people who are unlikely to run into hot PvP zones and give them a chance to use their guns and protect themselves and their friends against lurking bandits. Right now, there is no reason for PvE-ers to come to Open World if they want to stay in PvE because there is nothing else to do in Open World unless you're in Nato. People lurking in the PvE servers now will eventually quit the game because PvE servers have nothing to do in them. So do something with Nato. Find ways to populate other areas of the map. Remove Riot Sheilds. Control PVP Zones. To remove OW is to kill the game. But there is still a chance to work around OW and make it a better place for everyone. Bring Open World a 'Miscreated' survival experience with a challenged survival similar to that of 'Nether' so PvPers don't always feel so safe. Find a way for people to step out of their comfort zones and lurk the wilderness so that they can experience survival, team up and defend (Survival Mode concept). Perhaps give them devices like a radio/Walkie where they can communicate their position to one another and make them feel immersed in the fictional world, ( but will never happen since the largest population in Open World is purely PvP). There should be 3 groups of people in Open World: Friendlies (those who want to team up and face danger together), Bandits (those who aren't too fond of Hot Zones but still want to kill others if they come across them, PvP Crowds (exclusive to Hot Zones as teams or clans). Right now, it's just KOS in Open World, and in one place (Nato) most of the time (where everyone ends up going). Will eventually get boring and it's not good for NewZ. If you find a way to populate the map, you give everyone a chance of adventure in Open World. Survival Mode is how it was supposed to be if NewZ didn't introduce Open World first and made the loot so common and that includes the VSS Vintorez when it used to be extremely rare back in the days. But at this point it's too late for all the reasons I previously listed, so we can only work with what we have and figure out how to suggest ideas that can make this game survive. Last but not least, @rEfCZE turning off Global Chat won't do anything since any PvP player is smart enough to know that Nato is the main place for PvP now. This suggestion would have been much more rewarding if NewZ rooms were often more populated . Even though, the need to reach out to the world through chat will always be there for various reason so you can't really remove Global Chat. One of H1Z1's worst mistakes was to never incorporate chat because people without mics can't do anything to communicate. It's a human trait to always want to 'reach out' and limiting chat to Proximity or Group only isn't bright. A feature like what you suggest would work best on a game that has just been released with no Global Chat. People don't always adjust to major changes, and for a game like NewZ, it's already been through a lot already. This is its last chance. Even if there are many rooms where people don't use Global Chat, having it there in dead rooms (10 people and lower) is good so people can still talk, at least so the room doesn't feel dead. I'm gonna keep repeating the same thing now over and over again so I better pause here and post this.
  14. I'm a Nether veteran. Played this game from its release to its very end. And when I say very end, I mean it. I was probably one of the last 5 people who would log to the game every day before I quit. This was a unique game and there has been so far no game like it in the post-apocalyptic genre. Two big things killed this game: 1) No anticheat and hackers in every room. 2) Failed tactics to generate money for the game. I remember every little glitch, every hack that ever existed, every macro, every medkit dupe. I also remember how the unifinished map of the Wasteland and city made a lot of people frustrated. I could write more and share more of my thoughts and ideas if needed. And might still do when I wake up. But this was a favorite game. The atmosphere of Nether is unlike anything else. A true post-apocalyptic experience. But game lacked a lot in so many areas. For example, what was the point of PVE servers if you could do nothing in it except kill Nether rinse repeat? And the open servers were all about KOS where it was impossible for players to run their packages. The Wasteland was such an empty world it was impossible to enjoy missions when people were getting KOSed. The world of NewZ for example offers enough cover and structure that people could be playing for hours in Open Channels without getting shot once. If anyone here played it, I went by DrSilk (Doctor clan later on known as High Society) and we were an advanced group of pvp players. We stayed until the very end. I just learned the news that you guys took this game under your wing and I can't help but smile while feeling overwhelmed by nostalgia. You saved Newz, and you're about to save my other favorite game. PS: Game was sold for about 15 dollars at the time. Price was reasonable. But the company made 0 profit from the ingame shop. EARLIER, there was literally nothing that you could buy with real money so the company could profit. And nobody really cared to buy Golden Keys to open trashcans that contained no real value. As a spender, I would always prefer if a favorite game of mine had a working shop for not only ingame money, but stuff to buy with real money too, things that are worth it. Who doesn't spend money if they can to see their favorite game progress? I'd like to help in any way for free if you guys are accepting players to help. I don't have access to this Nether version yet but I'll be a buyer.
  15. Open World is for people who like/enjoy to PVP a lot. The removal of OW would be an idiotic move. With the fast growing genre of Battle Royal/Arena games out there taking the gaming world by storm, it would be dumb to limit PVPers to Survival.
  16. How is this an event if it's only benefitting spenders? I thought weekend events are supposed to be for spenders and non spenders alike. I appreciate the Premium double daily reward but there is nothing in this event that's gonna make people wanna fill up rooms and play like the last weekend event. Or am I missing something?
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