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    Instead of things I would like to see added/implemented etc. how about a list of things that just annoy me hehe. (Im new here so I imagine much of what I propose may have already been mentioned somewhere before) 1. As mentioned already getting stuck on stuff curbs, rocks, etc. can be very annoying especially when you are in pvp or pve fighting and need to maneuver. Couldn't ya put a little slime on them or something lol. 2. Avoiding and defeating the pve content is too easy in many cases just get up on a building roof, zombies should be able to climb but somewhat slowly. Climbing for players as an alternative to jumping on crates etc. would seem more realistic then us jumping heights like olympic world champions, plus the zombies could get a chance to grab or strike you before you finish climbing. I'm not suggesting removing jumping though, just less needed. (Imagine fighting for you life on a roof top as zombies are climbing up all around or at various locations.) 3. How about craft recipes to unload the ammo from same ammo type gun mags and reload them into other mags, like take a Evo mag and a breakdown recipe would give me 30 rounds to put into say a couple of B92 mags (Beretta FS 92 holds 15 rounds not 13 but that's for another thread hehe) or however you want to reload them. This could help to keep the loot drop rate down or even lower it . 4. The 1911 should do a little more damage for game balance it has a low round count kinda making it less desirable to carry then the Jericho, B92, or Sig p226. Other weapons may benefit from similar tweaking. 5. An option to turn off the zoom when using non magnified optics like Reflex Sights, Red Dots, Kobra, Eo-Tech, and iron sights. In other games I find it faster and better for dealing with the close up targets. Short range scopes, other scopes, ACOG, etc. have magnification so it makes sense for them to have zoom. 6. Maybe the zombies shouldn't be so loud or have shorter range vocals, would make it more challenging if it is tougher to know one is behind a fence or in a corner room. 7. The night vision is more powerful then what the military has lol. Should tone it down, add some blur, reduce it's range, etc. We should be wanting to farm loot at night more to improve our chances against other players but still find it easier to see in daytime than at nighttime even with night vision. Which is true the best night vision in the world doesn't match a nice bright sunny day. Night vision level of brightness/visual clarity is based on the Generation, Gen I, Gen II, Gen III. Most military, police, swat etc use Gen III, thermal optics are taking over and replacing night vision as it does both thermal and night vision. Many civilian hunters in US will use Gen II and most Gen I is gone now and you can barely see anything with it anyway. 8. Probably already mentioned but would be nice to have male and female options such as, a male hunter option, or female ex-military option, same for the other classes. 9. An option to turn off invites for well anything, I hate random invites even if they intentions are good, its rude. If some strange person came up to you, didn't introduce themselves, just asked hey come for a ride with me, would you go? not me lol. (well maybe if its a fine looking woman hehe). In an MMO I play they have a checkbox to turn off invites.
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