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  1. Nice idea ! Hope this works good
  2. Bela montagem ! Recomendo postar na área certa da próxima, Open World > Fan-Art > PvP Montages
  3. N_e_n_o

    Itens group

    Nice feedback, it happens, sometimes it doesnt agroup, i take one of the stacked item, the another that's not stacked, i stash clips then send back to gi, then they agroup
  4. I think zombies loot are good, no need to change it, maybe you should try some pvp, there are more things to do on the game than only farm
  5. Hi, maybe you really putting the wrong nickname, for me it's working normally
  6. Hi, on discord at #guides you will find the secret places
  7. Very good event, waiting for it
  8. I liked the idea of recoil improvement, this would make pvp more competitive
  9. N_e_n_o

    GALLO #32

    Nice pvp montage !
  10. N_e_n_o

    Weapon Statistics

    I liked reducing spread on AR Rifles, i think it's high too, what you guys think about adding a skill for recoil or spread ? It sounds good
  11. Nice event ! I will be doing streams ! Join me later guys !
  12. I agree in improving weapon mechanics, make players to be skilled. I don't agree in removing 1 sniper shot on head kill, it would decrease a lot the use of snipers (best weapon)
  13. Ok, i understand your point, but, beginners has beginner servers to play in they start of the game, there are some pve servers to loot, the game doesn't need to be easy, in my opinion it have to be medium to hard, we know the start is hard, hard to find loot, hard to find people to play with, but it's the game, imagine a player who plays for 2 months and already have a lot of stuff to go pvp, the game would be easier then, in my opinion it have to be hard, beginners first have to take full skill, on the start they can farm for pay a pve server, loot as many as they can. Now on snipers on the game, for me, it's good, i like open world pvp, i like snipers and no, it's hard to kill someone on long range, it's not easy, if you see someone killing a lot it's because that player plays for a long time... If sniper be rare the sniper price will increse more and more, i think the prices are still high, if you log in with a vss (100k-130k) you know you die soon, so we keep respawning, in 10 respawn we spend 1m only on sniper, to pvp, this is a lot of gold, sniper is better for pvp, how will you kill someone on Colorado (most of times you see someone on long range) with a AR ? You will spend like 2 magazines trying to kill him, sniper is one shot on the head only, it's hard that shot, but it's easier than AR, i don't know why people don't play AR only, sometimes they play, sometimes they don't, so, snipers are good to me, i only want to have more players on pvp servers, in my region (SA) they play on EU pvp servers, i would like they playing on SA servers, everyone knows ping is high out of each reagion, i would suggest a ping limit even in EU servers, lag players can kill someone behing a shield, because of ping.
  14. So it was activated and then you didn't find it ?
  15. Did you open mission tab and clicked complete mission ?
  16. I recommend you to send a ticket on https://playnewz.com/support.php
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