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  1. Nice suggestions, i would like to see building more stronger, actually it's destroyable with 1 grenade. Maybe 5 grenades would be fine to build and take advantage of it
  2. Nice one, keep going
  3. I got this too with 2 char's
  4. N_e_n_o

    GI Suggestion

    More: Make possible to change item slot
  5. N_e_n_o

    GI Suggestion

    Feedback: Loadout takes wrong stack of svd when it's skinned, when it's not skinned it takes right one
  6. Hi, i want to suggest the improvement of GI. Make it easier to stash items, make stash button when on trade lounge and with gi locker. Make possible to withdraw more than 1 item non-stackable, like with dx or other stackable item. Make possible to skin that amount of item on GI, like with unskin button. The loading time is too long (i think this is because i'm not from Europe). Make it possible again to send item to GI when in trade lounge, this way is faster when loading weapons, we can load the weapon and send to gi then do again, all this fast, actually we have to wait the reload time or put ammo's on inventory then take 1 gun then stash that gun then do all again, this way is the faster, but works only when the gun is empty, otherwise we have to empty the gun, stash on gi then do it. Other suggestion is to note items, this way we could withdraw x items noted, this item only takes 1 slot, but noted we could trade how many we want, not taking weight neither space. I really think the improvement of GI would bring a lot of benefits, we would spend lower time on organizing GI.
  7. This was a nice event, good items released, premium + double xp/gd and gc very good, viking areas in theme, good drop box rate, very good overall.
  8. This post is old, i recommend you join new z discord, there is faster for trades. https://discord.gg/thenewz
  9. Be patience, they will solve your problem
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