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  1. Did you open mission tab and clicked complete mission ?
  2. I recommend you to send a ticket on https://playnewz.com/support.php
  3. More: If you see on player tab someone that has a crown it's a legendary account, by the highest package of gc
  4. I found vehicles on the same spot as private servers, maybe you got no lucky finding in premium servers
  5. In my opinion the skill tree is complete, i don't think there is more to add, there are all habilities that a character need
  6. Always good to have event's on the game
  7. Nice one, +1. I recommend you create a new topic for this suggestion
  8. This has been on suggestions for a good time, +1 for stash button on trade lounge, gi lockers, +1 for amount itens (snipers, armors, etc). I think we need this too, GI Improvements needs to be done, we loose time putting 1 by 1
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