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  1. Nice idea ! Hope this works good
  2. Bela montagem ! Recomendo postar na área certa da próxima, Open World > Fan-Art > PvP Montages
  3. N_e_n_o

    Itens group

    Nice feedback, it happens, sometimes it doesnt agroup, i take one of the stacked item, the another that's not stacked, i stash clips then send back to gi, then they agroup
  4. I think zombies loot are good, no need to change it, maybe you should try some pvp, there are more things to do on the game than only farm
  5. Hi, maybe you really putting the wrong nickname, for me it's working normally
  6. Hi, on discord at #guides you will find the secret places
  7. Very good event, waiting for it
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