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  1. Sadly I can't find a game
  2. On a trouver une seule game et depuis bah on attend pendant 5+ minutes et il ce passe rien
  3. No thanks it was the baddest warz map ever created it's better tu burry it. There is not that much players on survival keep it like this is now.
  4. People are already camping everywhere it's not a good idea to add thermal vision
  5. Nah I never use any attachments on my shotgun and it works, it kills from so far for a shotgun.
  6. Hey Is this possible to nerf the shotgun ? I'm playing Survival since 2 weeks and seen that shotgun (mostly AA-12, the baddest shotgun from WarZ) can kill from 10+ metters which is too much powerfull. Shotgun on ISS were great, here there are just over powered. It's not really fun to play with or against this kind of weapon.
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