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    Could you please add to craft menu some traps ? Bear trap = metal + barbed-wire + something else Grenade trap = frag grenade/bada boom + wire Poisoned food = player drops a can of tuna/pasta/soup or a bottle of water, which will look the same but when picked and consumed will kill the player or at least will add "Toxicity in Blood" This things may be leaved on the world just like a time capsule and they will stay awhile waiting for their victims
  2. Hello Add please to the craft menu something like this : Fire = 10 x wood + 1x gun powder A fire can be placed anywhere just like a barricade ---------- Near fire you can cook food and boil water : Big MRE = Cooked Mre (gives more health/water stamina) Can of Soup / Can of Ham / Can of Pasta / Can of Tuna + fire = Cooked/Hot Can of Soup/Ham/Pasta/Tuna (gives more food/health/water) -------------------------- Empty bottle + use near water = Dirty water 1L Dirty Water 1L + boil near fire = Water 1L --------------------------- Raw meat + fire = cooked meat --------------------------- Ideally fire duration should be 1-3 game hours and after that it has to leave a dirty black mark on the surface. Anyone finding this can have a hint that someone is near him.
  3. Kwilki

    Dirty Grenade

    Can you add to craft menu a Radioactive (Dirty) Grenade ? Effect : throw grenade to near enemy, boom, grenade creates radioactive cloud. Any people affected by the ionizing radioactive gets a bleeding - like effect which cannot be stopped using bandages. Anti dirty grenades would be Gas Mask, Gas Mask Advanced
  4. I play only survival so I can offer you only skins. Camo Chillie suit skin ?
  5. what do you want for them?
  6. https://prnt.sc/n8myc7
  7. Here we go : https://prnt.sc/n8my3x
  8. Question to developers : Could you please change Brotherhood animation to be the same as for Clean Sweep ? Currently Brotherhood has animation as canoe paddle which is kinda annoying. 1)Current animation corresponds to weapon like Axe/Hatched which is not quite actual for Brotherhood which has multiple knifes at the top. (it is better to prick with all knives rather than cut with 1 or 2 only) 2) Current animation is glitched, it does not quite suit the hit sound the actual hits I believe it is easy to implement it, since there is already Clean sweep with the same animation.(just switch it) Can you make game a little better? Regards
  9. is it possible to make character health slowly regenerated? Also in Skill tree there may be some sort of skills which increase that. Normally health should regenerate if there is no hunger and/or bleeding.
  10. trade NVG and helmet camo for Guerilla Camo?
  11. sorry the right name is EVN4
  12. Glitcher's Character name: ENV4 Time: 10:30 - 10:45 UTC time Date: 06.04.2019 Map: Survival Colorado Europe 001 Screenshot or Video proof (really important): don't have since it is so far away ================ He stays on Mountain near Survival Outpost which is red-hashed on the map and cannot be accessed normally due to invisible walls. Kills everyone in the zone with a blaser + silencer. It is so far away that you just can see how bullets comes from the top of that mountain.
  13. That's my idea posted weeks ago
  14. It is annoying seeing that people with 5% hp get healed to 100% instantly while running and jumping If this is cool (maybe) on PvP servers, I would love to see more hardcore on Survival Servers. bandages should not heal but only stop bleeding meds should have cast-time, and during healing the character cannot do anything else like moving/shooting etc
  15. Kwilki

    Weekend Event!

    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately for me as survival-only mode player it does not make a whole sense. In case you are interested, I put my thoughts here :
  16. is that true for K-Style NVG = K Style + tech + glue?
  17. I presume you guys care a lot about feedback from players, given that you have know that most players purchase premium due to instant revive option, if so, consider my feedback that revive option is not the thing I would purchase premium. And what do you think about loadouts / premium servers / tickets discounts / game dollars which are not valid for survival player ? Why they should pay for it ? Don't get me wrong, I just want more players to buy premium and stuff == so you get more money == so you can develop a better game for us. Unfortunately, currently this looks more like a donation rather than subscription. I think there are more players willing to pay for quality service rather than donate, so do I.
  18. Nah... actually I think player benefits only 5% from subscription plan or even less... The reason being that the survival mode is all about surviving, revive time does make a lot of sense in case of PVP... but how often would you use it in survival game ? And doubled experience is also questionable because at some point you don't need it anymore / there are less skills in the survival that in other game modes for which you can actually spend experience. In fact, I doubt there should be any skills in survival mode, but that's another question...
  19. Let's have a look at current subscriptions and ask yourself, what for the player is paying in case he/she plays only survival mode ? I'll analyze the premium one, because the DELUXE/EXTREME does not make any sense at all for survival mode : Access to premium servers ? Do we have ones for survival mode ? Nope ? so this is waste of money from players perspective. 0 points No revive timer ? It would make sense if in case of survival mode the revive time would be 24 hours. Otherwise I don't need it in survival mode and I would not buy subscription for this "feature". But at least it is available for survival mode, so other players may like it. Let it be 0.5 points. 2x GD & XP ? 0.5 points since we don't have dollars in the game. 5 loadout slots ? 0 points 25 % off tickets ? 0 points So from 5 features the premium subscription provides, a survival game player really benefits only 10% or 20% from it. This is the doubled experience and (questionable) the revive timer. I really want to support the game, and I think most survival players would buy at least the 3 euro subscription to help the game.... I am not going to suggest any alternatives, because I am not sure it is worth it. In case developers are interested in earning money from survival mode, open a poll, ask players what for they are going to pay monthly, and make them benefit 100% for what they pay for. Good Luck
  20. Kwilki

    Weekend Event!

    Is the 50% EXTRA GC the best deal or there can be something like 100% extra ? 200 % extra?
  21. Please add to craft menu some revive options. Adrenaline injection = syringe + some medicine. Can be used when player has lost of consciousness after zombie hits. CPR toolkit = metal + tech + some other stuff. charged CPR toolkit = CPR toolkit + batteries. Can be used when player has lost of consciousness after zombie hits / enemy hits / damage in chest/leggs/hands. Head shot should result in a death without revive option. Revival is possible if player did not leave the game within 1 minute after lost of consciousness.
  22. That's why you'll need your own thermal vision to see campers in the wood / on the roofs / etc
  23. You may love these too :
  24. I noticed on the Oregon map there are overall more loot than on Colorado. You can go on a road in Oregon and within minutes you have a large backpack full with different weapons/ammo and food. You can go in Colorado / Rocky Ford - and you rarely find something better than chemical yellow.
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