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  1. When you PVP I'm sure every person has encountered running out of resources (Meds, Riots, Ammo) to keep you going. So I've thought of the idea of when you kill someone while PVP you are giving maybe like 1 stanag 30, 1 DX, 1 Riot shield per kill or something this allows you to keep running around and makes killing people give you items to keep going instead of just GD.
  2. So I don't really play survival much. But would it be a good idea if you could break down any item and turn it into materials which are weightless so you can carry more and loot more before having to turn back to safezone and when you get back to safezone you can recraft it all up again. Obviously breaking down of materials will give you 50% or something of what you actually need but this allows for heavy looters to stock up before having to boringly run back to safezone.
  3. Hello, I've been playing Battle Royale mostly and streaming it mostly for almost a year now. During my times I've came across lots of little ideas which I'm going to try and put together in this one post. So lets get into it, Airdrops shouldn't contain 1 headshot snipers, instead throw VSS compacts, SCAR Hs into it. I think this is a good idea because of how overpowered snipers are compared to any other gun you can find. VSS compact and SCAR H are still really overpowered compared to the other guns in battle royale... But it's not a one headshot so it gives players a second chance to fight back. Add 3 man teams back. When I play with people sometimes someone gets left out of teaming because of the 1-2 man groups only. If there's 3 players able to play in a group no one will get left out you can team as 2 players, 3 players and if a 4th player comes along you can split into 2 groups and so on... The game mode is so much more fun playing with other people so I think this is a huge deal and a lot of people in my streams have also suggested this. This is a bug since the start of when I've been playing battle royale. It's simple. The Safezone circle on the map is not actually centered with the flag on the game. The flag is located just south of the SZ on the map. You should make the safezone move areas. This is because when you learn each safezone completely it makes the game really easy and repetitive of game play. Me being a streamer makes my game play look repetitive because of the routes I take too each flag knowing how to move with the terrain to get in the best spot etc... This simply cuts out repetitiveness and also makes the game more skilled based over knowledge and camping based. Would also make it hard for "veterans" of battle royale who know every safezone making it more fair for newer players. Reviving system give your teammates a second chance? - self explanatory Remove the missions because people forget to accept them and new players don't even know they exist in battle royale? Instead just make it so when you kill someone you automatically get HP if your not full HP? During the halloween events, christmas events make Battle Royale more involved. Instead of giving people GD + XIX Box add an additional event skinbox to the winnings (This could be for second or third place and even 1st...) Winnings and prizes from playing Battle Royale has never been explained. I know from playing that GD is 10k per player when non-premium and solo, but winnings and earnings from playing Battle Royale has never been explained. How is the 2nd and 3rd players calculated. When I play battle royales lets say there's 3 players left. 1 solo and a group of 2. Lets say the solo died and placed 3rd. This means that the group of 2 come 1st place. Who comes 2nd? LOL Zombies currently drop desert eagle ammo and you can find it if I'm not mistaken and there's no desert eagle to obtain currently so it's useless loot. Expand on the maps? Make the maps bigger and add more stuff to them? Every so often add like an extension of a new location on the current maps (arizona, arena, tropico) or a new safezone location and announce it. This will help keep people interested in this game mode on your game. That's all I can think of right now. Hope it helps if you want to talk to me about anything please feel free to contact me, Yours God_Liam
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