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  1. now a man is visible in the car
  2. but I want to say to the developers now the machine is not empty, but with the character, good work !!!! I noticed this little thing
  3. Well, everything is always, only for PVP players,.
  4. FOX335

    Weekend Event!

    I personally no longer spend my money on this game
  5. FOX335

    Weekend Event!

    developers do not consider PvE players to be serious, so the profits in the game will fall, so I’m supposed to, and I personally don’t spend more time on this game with this ratio
  6. good job !!!! removed a lot of servers PVE ,. players leave !!!! excellent
  7. looks very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. dear you wrote,,,,.You are talking about New Z ?,,,,and what are some other projects ????? hang on please, I do not know
  9. new weapon is very good ,. and the patch itself is good
  10. I really like the map., just do not forget to make it pve so that everyone can add a new card
  11. Well, I did not notice any deterioration after the patch , everything is fine ,
  12. Dear, I strongly apologize, but at least here I heard the developer
  13. Sorry about the patch theme, but at least here you heard me
  14. yes dear I am talking about the game and premium servers
  15. It is very strange that you did not notice that few people play on them. I have already seen this for the 3rd month since I myself have 3 months premium accaud
  16. on the premium servers I play 2-3 people no more because they are pvp
  17. will make a premium server PVE
  18. or only 2 people will play on them as now)))))
  19. dear answer my question ,,, PVE server will be a premium or not ?????
  20. I wonder how do you know if the update is only tomorrow ))hihih
  21. On the update we will try to save it in advance !!!!!
  22. pay attention to the pre-server play 2-3 people maximum because they are afraid of being killed)) I know he killed there))Is it really so difficult to switch the button to turn off and that's it ?????
  23. BUT one question doesn’t give me rest for 2 months now you don’t feel sorry for your own servers that work just like that ,,,,?????
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