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  1. Russia is a very rich country but with a poor people, paradox
  2. strangely, you first come up with missions, then remove the server with free stops ,,, and on the euro server, Oregon is a free VERY little thing
  3. СПАСИБО, хотя это так, но я хотел бы немного больше серверов PVE ... НО СПАСИБО И ЗА ЧТО ТАКОЕ
  4. dear developers, so PVE servers will be added ???? we are very short of PVE servers and preferably 1 or 2 OREGON
  5. Thank you so much for the game !!!! But people just want to collect things and not be killed by people. Not everyone likes PVP ,, there is a private north of PVE ORIGON, BUT there are VERY !!!! including--thanks that the developers will respond to the repost, I hope that the requests for servers will also respond !!! many in THIS GAME including me almost always play on the PVE servers, this is the ultimate player of this game
  6. why are there so few servers ???? where are the servers pve ???? they will again ???????
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