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    Survival rework

    Been playing the survival on here for a while now, and I must say. It really fails to give me the intensity and excitement the old war z did. I think that can change though, so heres some ideas. 1) Make scars, imi-tar, honeybadgers and sigs more rare. 2) Remove crafting materials.. This was never a popular thing, and the devs got absolute shat on back when they implemented it. 3) Since removing crafting materials would lead to a lot less overall loot, adding more Mags, food, water, barricades and meds over all would be a good stand-in. 4) Removal or limited lockboxes per player. Lockboxes didnt really make the game better, it only made people travel around the map less. With bustops implemented I see little to no need for these boxes to be around. Seeing clans camping with snipers around their lockboxes makes me puke, and is really just simply boring. I know that removal of them might be far fetched but thats just my opinion on them. 5) Skins.. Having invisible backpacks and light sabers in a SURVIVAL game is just simply nonsense.. I'm not saying to remove the skins since they are 90% of the reason the game is still "alive", but removing them from the Survival mode would be such a big deal. I think we must go a bit back to vanilla days if you dont want survival to die out. 6) Make jumping take tiny bit of stamina. It's so tiring to see groups of 5 camp at their lockers just constantly jumping around without ANY sort of punishment to such unbalanced tactics. Please consider these options and/or make a poll in any case.
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