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  1. TheWraith

    GALLO #32

    Jumping bunnys pvp!!!!
  2. Good event but nothing important for me as pve player!!!Thanks anyway!!!
  3. I think i have seen a thermometer where you see hunger or thirst of player...but i never has seen working to show when player wharm up or freeze...
  4. I have 2 characters in Survival but i dont play for some months now all my friends play in Open World.And I have some issues with my fps but i guess is cz i use laptop,the game kick me just before enter the game and i get the message "Driver not responding",lagging,crash,freeze...its ok but you understand what problem is when you loose all your stuf that you collect for another player in a crowded server.Eventually ill start again...
  5. I dont play Survival anyway...so....
  6. 1 is in Death Valley 2 in Nato base 1 in Boulder City im not sure where else we can find them for sure
  7. If you ask me personaly....ill say im not going elsewere exept Nato or Dead Valley,,,for what reason????Like you says I have big profit and quick loot. A week ago i was with my friend in some places and i feld like i was playing the game first time cuz i was there for first time!!!So ill stay in those 2 places, ill gather some loot and all is ok no worries!!!
  8. By "special" i mean somthing like XMR ammo or a skin beyond ordinary already....But CampersRUs cover me with his critique!!!
  9. Thanks a lot my friend!!! Im on vacations so the internet here is not the best i can find!!!
  10. So they didnt drop actually something special huh??? (I cant play the game this days to check it)
  11. Can you remind me pls when i have been warned other time???? I really dont remember...Anyway i apologize if you can take humor or bad criticism!!!
  12. Np Moly...and im gonna tell you a secret (i guess is not secret anymore....lol) when i start a make the same question!!! ahahhaahhaha.Anyway if you have more questions dont be affraid to make them!!!
  13. I aggree....Is better to buy the coins rather spend weeks for one of them.In trade server you can buy them 900k-1mil...not much but again is better sell some snipers (there is plenty of them) and gather 5 mils and buy the XMR rifle. i would like to see some change in color of the skin for specialist,now is just one yellow gun!
  14. the numbers is just how many players is in that server...nothing special. the P and E is PREMIUM an EXTREME account
  15. Maybe the drops should be.... one sniper rifle ,one PKM ammo(200) ,one .308 - VSS ammo-Light Sniper Bullet(from regular SZ) or 1-2 snipers, .308 ammo, XMR ammo, one rerollable skin or other skin(from AZ-TSZ). Ok i aggree XMR and Light Sniper ammo must be very rare but noone or a few players use them but personally i dont wanna have those gun only for decoration of my Vault. As for the skins i think is good to be some refreshment on those you can find in game and all must be rerollable to give to the players the opportunity to win somthing else to apply on guns or trade it.Now i find same and same skins that is not for reroll and i dont even pick them up or drop them again instantly.....but enough for armors and common ARs that noone use them....is not worth it. Pls anyone if you have some suggestions about dropping item write them...
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