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  1. I tottally aggree!! Can i add saying...if its possible to make something like bases or craft stuff???we already have wood or metal (for upgrade base) cuz is really fun to raid bases. After all its survival game
  2. hi!!! this happen suddenly.....yesterday i join normal but ill check it thank you!!!
  3. thank you my friend!!! ill try restart my laptop and see what happens next...
  4. Hi guys! Today i try log in to game and i take a message "Indegrity breache" and the second time "Security Threat breached" i logging in trade server and i play normally....Only in Privet Servers that happen.So what is the problem???Help i cant play the game...Thank you!
  5. Hi all !!! Dear developers i just wanna ask if its possibly make something about ghillie suits.....Is very cool but practically are a little uselless! The green is very bright the camo is just dark brown and we dont have snow for winter!!! Maybe if you make a little ajustment on colors would be nice!!Awww and can you make camo skin for adventure bp :)....Thanks! Keep good work!!!
  6. I guess no game for today....lol so lets enjoy a cold beer and wait!!!!
  7. Servers are not ready yet?
  8. Hi all ! Why there is no camo skin for adventure bp or camo skin for m style helmet heavy???And XMR Sniper rifle i never seen anyone(ammo yes but not rifle)...It would be cool...ok must be rare but there is none in game
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