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    Patch 2.29

  2. matr1cks

    Weekend Event!

    that skinbox is so nice
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    Weekend Event!

  4. matr1cks

    Weekend Event!

    Thanx for the event steve , just curious i never battled the toxic yet , is it just sniper drops like alien?
  5. matr1cks

    Weekend Event!

    No problems =D
  6. matr1cks

    Weekend Event!

    Why you write cage fighter , hunter , rebel , when it is in the shop Avg Joe , spetsnaz , rebel.
  7. matr1cks

    Weekend Event!

    i don't get it i thought hunter was always free and the bald guy. I have hunter never paid gd for it?
  8. matr1cks

    Skin suggestion.

    needs more elite
  9. matr1cks

    Feedback: Night in PVP servers

    I dont see point of night time , basically its just nvg pvp? , wats so great about that id rather pvp in normal light without nvgs >.>
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    Feedback: Night in PVP servers

    Oh ok man cool , just wondering , would hate to be posting there if nobody reply 😆
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    Feedback: Night in PVP servers

    Hey steve does anyone actually read or reply to suggestion area or i waste my time to put post there?
  12. I made a post on suggestions area glad im not the only one that really enjoys v1
  13. matr1cks

    V1 Colorado

    Hi im new to forum , not sure if this topic has been discussed but was wondering one day if Colorado V1 could return to the official servers , i really enjoyed playing it on premium servers during free premium.
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    I miss stine but ive been sleeping at weird times lately always seem to miss his stream these days =3
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    Project: Caliwood

    nice sir
  16. matr1cks

    Patch 2.28 (Hotfix)

    oh rip 😡
  17. matr1cks

    Patch 2.28 (Hotfix)

    This happen to me all time with vehicle , sumtimes crash all time sumtimes work perfect.