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  1. broadcaster box blows , opened hundreds only to get everything below rare , how is rare even considered rare its same as epic if anything.
  2. nice this game was so much fun when it came out hope you guys can make it good again
  3. Thankyou for the event Steve , although last gd box event i managed to get all skully dread mb camo skins i needed . I think i will try and make sum nice gd from this =D
  4. lol infestation on console would be a nightmare
  5. Be nice to know i still have ptsd from all the kstyle abstracts and saiga marinas i picked up when i started newz few years ago >.>
  6. west oaks so gewdddddd
  7. that skinbox is so nice
  8. Thanx for the event steve , just curious i never battled the toxic yet , is it just sniper drops like alien?
  9. Why you write cage fighter , hunter , rebel , when it is in the shop Avg Joe , spetsnaz , rebel.
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