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  1. Kevin046

    LA 战队入驻( LA team stationed)

    Nice ! !
  2. Kevin046

    Project: Caliwood

    Love CALWOOD map .
  3. Kevin046

    Chinese Happy Year Event

    中国春节活动征集活动议案 😁 Chinese New Year events began to collect suggestion . Race car , PVP or something ?
  4. Kevin046

    EV5 战队 YY821066

  5. Kevin046

    China CN Team Forum 中国CN战队论坛

    Keep inviting your friends to your clan. Let more new players join in the NewZ and your team. 招收新玩家! 加油!
  6. Kevin046


    Cool !
  7. 欢迎中国玩家到此开帖!!! Welcome the Chinese player to join the forum ! 关注官方NewZ微信公众号获取更多游戏资讯,活动,福利!!! Follow the official NewZ WeChat public number, get more game suggestions, events ! ! ! 游戏登录界面上方点击微信图标,手机微信扫码关注即可!