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  1. Only way to revive this game is doing this idea but devs Only care about money soo... Devs only Know how to put new trash skins in game and fck new players..
  2. NewZ devs don't care about The real iss feeling .... as you can see the player base is to to low it decreased from 13k to 900/1k max players something is wrong right? i just don't get it why they split the game in alot mods/servers 4 real i hope that iss world announcement in fb its real i'm puting my hopes up in a iss classic game again
  3. i just can't understand why you guys split the game in 2 ( the player base is already low) instead of making only 1 game / mode .... the new z lost the warz / iss feeling you can't pvp in open world maps with AR u only fight big clans and mongoloids jumping in circles with snipers and giving 1 shot to u .... Think with me, how can a new player enjoy a game like this? where every noob has a sniper in their pants ? 4 real i don't know what you guys are doing, Newz had everything to be a great game and grow up alot but you guys failed
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