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  1. Server Restart (07/08/2018)

    Zombies are either walking with their feet in the ground or walking through tents and barriers around Colorado Boulder on Survival. Noticed this in big parking lot, on overpass, and around center of town.
  2. Maps - Survival

    Spoken like a true corner camping peeker.
  3. Bus stops should stay on Survival Oregon

    Rarity of loot? The two best looting spots in Oregon are at Prison, overpass on bridge, and Army Depot.. all within walking distance of the safe zone. The frequency of Oregon loot spawns is what destroys the rarity of loot. I just farmed Boulder on Colorado and found hardly any good loot. I can go to Army depot in Oregon in half the time and get far better gear and just walk to the safe zone. Very unbalanced!
  4. New Z Survival 2.0

    I have personally played Survival since day 1 (as well as War Z). I just hate open world with the shield spamming, bunny hopping sniper fest. 40+ days and counting survived between all my characters all with maxed skill trees, so I have quite a bit of experience in the game mode.
  5. New Z Survival 2.0

    Another possible addition would be to allow a player to turn into a zombie if infected by one after a certain time period. If bitten, allow the player to turn into a zombie model and be able to stalk players somewhat incognito with strong melee attacks.. (disable guns and melee weapons that players use).
  6. Server Restart (07/08/2018)

    I am still seeing zombies at airport on colorado survival walking through fences. Noticed this around the north fence line.
  7. Maps - Survival

    The skill tree needs to be expanded for survival. Give players something to work toward after maxing out the current skills!
  8. Patch 2.20

    I have yet to find a car on Survival Oregon since the initial change. Has this been updated yet? I see a bunch on Colorado. Thanks!
  9. I can see blue outline of loot from far distance

    I've noticed the draw distance seems longer for the loot outline, even during the day with clear line of sight to the item, potentially causing this issue?
  10. I can see blue outline of loot from far distance

    I get this effect without the NVGs on as well. I tried turning off Nvidia overides but its still occurring. Kotaz - do you recall what specific setting triggers this?
  11. I can see blue outline of loot from far distance

    I fixed.. try now.
  12. I know you can sometimes see gear and loot it through a wall, but on Oregon Survival I am seeing gear that is far away. Here is a screenshot of gear on the bottom floor I am seeing at quite a far distance. I am getting this effect pretty much everywhere.
  13. Loot - Survival

    What is your feedback? (Please be specific): I've been killing alien super zombies non stop for the last few day in Oregon survival. I must have killed 20+, and while it drops 2 items, I am noticing it is no better (in some cases worse) than normal super zombies. I think the alien zombie which is a rare spawn and takes so much ammo should provide more rewards than normal super zombies to give players some incentive to kill them. Ive also noticed that they do not always spawn at 10pm. Do they randomly spawn between 10 and 4am? What map did you experience this?: Oregon survival When was this?: last few days Write extra info here: Maybe I have just had bad luck but the loot from the Aliens just not been as good as normal supers.
  14. Patch 2.20

    The two best loot areas (Umatilla and Prison) are within a short walking distance of the safe zone. I loot these spots all the time and leave with a military backpack full of armor, meds, stanag, and nice AR's.. right next to the safe zone. Cars and bus stops are NOT the main problem here. The issue is with loot - it's just too plentiful on survival. Since the patch I have not even seen a car, so my characters are basically sticking to one part of the map - making the whole map highly unused. Please increase cars or bring back some form of the bus stops.
  15. I am curious to those who voted NO as to why they do not want them?