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    Hi guy, Actually i work on UE4.21, i worked also on rpg for a small game on xbox one. carry a game on another platform can be pretty hard except if low level of the engine can use multiple or different SDK / langage (ex: xbox one, w10 => uwp). I read the old code from WAR Z, he was done with an old visual studio, with old technologies. ( vfx, gfx, collider, IA, shadow, ray simulation etc all is old.) And i think, no, I'm 100% sure New Z is the same " engine " and he's really not friendly to code in, cause he was full bugged at the original format. For Sony you can forgot, they need an Hard contract to do a carry on PS4. ( Nintendo => Same and more strict.) For Xbox it's possible, i've made it last year, more than they make a convention from UWP wo can run on window 10 and xbox one, since 2 years ago, Microsoft offer a " free xbox one sdk " you don't need anything, but you need to swap c++ to uwp more than without the full payed contract you have only 2 go of ram and 1 of 8 CPU core. PS: no i can't help here, I already asked, but they refuse.
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    New Z with cloud computer

    Ok so i have the latest material and can't play .. =(
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    New Z with cloud computer

    Hi guy's I'm not able to connect with a cloud computer to the game, any tips for me ? i have this message: " Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine. " i seek for Hyper - V but it's already off.
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    Fredaikis helps the girl

    noo .. oh pleeaase .. paiin and pleasure, i'm not really sure she fight zombies ..
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    Many Skins to Trade For GD

    How many for the M200 christmas ?
  6. Greenweedox

    Goretekz Skins Shop

    How much for the Alien blaser ?
  7. Greenweedox

    What is going on with the game

    Servers Offline guy's ?
  8. Greenweedox

    Welcome to the new Forums! (New Z Giveaway)

    I could win or not, but it's good to participate !