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  1. Overall well but still having a problem with ridding a car in private servers and constantly lagging or beeing disconnected trying to enter in the car. One hour ago I was stopping in Pleasant Valley and when I exit the car I found myself flying and landing on a mountain near Rotten Valley.
  2. i really think it will ruin it so please don't do this.
  3. I relate to everything above. I'm a new player (aprox 6 months) and I tried every game in Inf.. Used to play daily for 3 moths until my community/ clan members just said no to this game for all of the above (most of them played this game for more than 3 years) Now there are maybe 5 of us from 30 guys that still play the game and enjoy it as I do (on a good day). I'm a fair player for shooter games (CS, PUBG, ROE) with a very good internet conexion and a top gaming PC but whithout cheat codes I reached Agony in 6 months so I can't say nothing more about PVP/Battle in this game. It's just simply amazing how I die and who kills me, with what and from where (for ex: why my bullets spread and drop with full attachments on and the enemies bullets go straight). Maybe you will find a way to make things better, hopefully ... wished i found this game years ago.
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