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  1. 1- Number of maps is not a problem. When people want to meet to pvp they will meet. But if you leave only one map on you are obligating people to meet and this is not nice. It must have to be servers and times at the day that the loners have more chance to farm. Sometimes its all they want. Colorado V2 was a mistake since the original game. Cities are very far one from another. Stop thinking maps are the problem, Colorado V1, Oregon and Caliwood. Its useless to keep Colorado V1 and V2, V1 is best but pick one. 2-3 Full wipe no way. Maybe you should find a way to wipe partially the Snipers. 4 - Currency, for sure. Its useless to farm in SURVIVAL and its unfair. Please BRING BACK THE LOCKERS. At least one locker per player. Think about it.
  2. I believe that the cars should not be used as a main weapon to killing. I believe that the car can be used to run over people but, this should have a great cost. My suggestion is increase the damage to the car when run over people. Make it start to smoke when running over someone. Force to people use repair every time he runs over someone.
  3. Infestation thailand had too many nice things that we could have ideas looks like. They had a special kind of super zombie. We could have a special kind of super zombie that could appear at one place, one per day that need at least 3 guys shooting at the same time and this super zombie could be very rare and drop snipers or rare itens and the clans could clash looking for it.
  4. LOCKERS FEEDBACK ON SURVIVAL 1 - Bring back the unbreakable lockers to survival. Create a new kind of locker, maybe bring the original CODE LOCKER from open to survival. Make it a little larger than Small Code Locker. Make it really hard to craft (as hunter backpack) or buyable only by GC. 2 - Limited to 1 per character or 1 per player as u decide or as u want to make this difficult. 3 - Keep the wooden crates, but make it destroyable only by a crafted item (using powder por example), what makes it so hard to break how it is to build it. Not make sense this be so hard to build and you can destroy it easily with guns. This is bring more fun to the game when you will have to choose what crate is worthy to be breakable and will What is so desappointing for the new players to be full of loot at the airport or norad and die and lose all loot. If the new players have a locker they can loot a little and save a little, they can stock medicine and vaccines, and they can take to the safe zone when the server is calm. And really about the loners I'm saying because I play with a clan since november 2018 and infestation since 2012, passing trough original Warz, Infestation Thailand, Infestation World and emulators, most of the time I was a loner. The way it is today u cannot use a sniper if you are a loner, if you dont have enough cover.
  5. Where are the South American Server Lockers? I had 10 lockers full of good loot snipers and all. We didn't had a chance to move them and the items to the safe zone? Hope to hear some response about that.
  6. The poll shows that.... the numbers of maps is far away from the problem. Give attention to Survival. Provide news. Solve techinical issues.
  7. It would be nice to hear something from the devs about that. What is happening?
  8. We really would appreciate if some attitude is taken to solve this problem everyday after 0:00 Brasilia time its impossible to play in South American servers. Kicking us out everytime. What is happening? The problem with the game is far away from the amount of maps.
  9. @Steve Ecke Infestation Thailand had a system of crafting with wood, metal and stone components, that you could harvest and build structures. That was really fun. That was lots of fun in Cliffside map with clans building structures for pvp. Think about it man. Thanks for the attention.
  10. @Steve Ecke are the cars back in the game? Please this is a thing that is waning the game in survival. Please bring back the cars so we can move trough the map, transport loot, try to find pvp travelling around the map. Sorry but the thing about survival is not put or take maps, is only that feeling thats always been placed in 2nd. In this case 3rd.
  11. I'm always trying to help and giving feedback! I deserve ;)
  12. Hey @Sven I wrote something about the Clan limits as you asked in the Feedback-Gameplay section, I dont know if it was the right place to do that but. Im waiting for some appreciation from you. Thanks for your attention.


    Dear @Sven Thank you for the attention. Keeping up about the conversation about the Survival clan limits first of all we have to keep in mind the the Clans are a reality in survival, independent of the clan system being up people have been playing together using TS and Discord. So its not functional when you create a limit of 3 persons of each clan logging in together when the clans are 20+ people. Besides that when you create a limit like that, the clans will make other things to run from this limitations like: not adding all characters at the clans, creating secundary clans that in fact were supposed to be one clan, just to keeping playing together. And they will keep playing together. Thats the reason theres no protection to the single players because besides the fact you create difficulties to the clans to log together they will still be playing together. As a suggestion you could create one server limited to the single players. I think that almost no one will be on this servers because the greatest majority of the survival players are playing on clans or dont mind playing against them.
  14. Congratulations to all the STAFF about this patch. All the stuff shows that you are really concerned to present new stuff and looking forward to the developement and future of the game. Hope there will be no clan limits soon! Keep it up!
  15. I think we have such a response from the community where around 80% say yes.
  16. Dear administrators, One thing we need to seriously think about is if clan system really happens is how to secure the TAGS to the original Survival clans. There is a discord discussion about players wanting to steal the TAGs from the ancient and traditional survival clans. People of my clan -- NRB -- are concerned about other malicious players wanting to steal our identity. Thank you for your attention.
  17. Are you trying to make yourself look dumb? lol. Theres lots of differences between OW and Survival. The maps are NOT the same. The gameplay at all is NOT the same (rare ground shields for example). The items are not the same. And above all: you dont have global access to the inventory. Making the Clans System to happen in survival will not change nothing on the mood and the atmosphere of the game. The thing will only add new features to bring more fun to the games like clan territories and all the stuff. And mainly. This is just accept a REALITY that is ALREADY happening. And still will happen. The Clans do exist whatever if you like it or not.
  18. No man this IS HAPPENING on Survival. Again I ask you: what game are you playing?
  19. Sorry man Im already married lol
  20. The maps are not the same. What game are you playing lol??
  21. Need patience I don't know if its clearly understandable... lol All the Clans DO PLAY together. Dont matter what you do now, if nothing changes from now, if the groups are only for 3, people are connecting together AND playing together. +5 +10 RIGHT NOW. Period. If you are confronted with a group of 5-7-10 players in some place they will kill you and the chance of team killing is very low. The fact of having tags or not is almost nothing in this case. Its just annoying when the clans are CLASHING. When you have 10 of one side against 10 of another side for example. Team kills are annoying. And NO we dont want to play OW we dont want a game thats just sniping. We love Survival, we love play with all kind of weapons, we love doesnt have universal inventary access and all Survival stuff remember the original ISS. So. you can still deceiving yourself with "limits" but the truth is that limits will always be ignored by the Clans that will find a way to run off them.
  22. Big clans are being playing together despite the fact if theyre grouped or not. This does not solve anything.
  23. I dont know why people are insisting in limits or taking off clan tags. Theres lots of more differences between the Survival and the Open World mode more than stick the big clans together. You have a group limit right now and the clans ARE playing together. Yes you have some miscommunication, some team kills but STILL the clans are playing together in +10 people many times and this is not changing does not matter what kind of thing you do. Theres lots of ways to dribbling out this limits. Why are you wanting to mask this reality? This happens and still will happen over your limits. All you have against this is some annoying team kills nothing more. Let the Clans free!
  24. So theres no need for limits.
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