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  1. thanks for the patch, sven good job
  2. Good evening, I'll cut to the bone your honey badger black night skin can you, turn it totally black night just lacks the look totally black night, if you please could improve it thank you very much thank you.
  3. Malware Pain


    What do you think we should change? Merry Christmas, can change as they did with the karambits, something similar to the riot shield, and remove riot shield with skins so we should only buy a riot shield and put the skin that we like (fun edition, modern black, black night , hynx, etc), is my idea. thanks your game is incredible. Merry Christmas, for you dear new z support.
  4. Malware Pain


    Do you have any additional information that you want to share? good afternoon, you could get more skins modern black please. Thanks for your time
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