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  1. Should release em now tbh, so we can get the xmas spirit up and running.
  2. Fuskdev1


    Old maps are always fun to keep
  3. Fuskdev1


    Can we get it back :)? ars and snipers aswell.
  4. Can you take a look at my post mate. about Open world changes.

  5. Yes we tried survival, its not even close to be fun at all mate, loot is hella hard to get a hand on, barely anyone is playing it, have to start all over again with no loot what so ever. People rather have there loot than start again from the begining.
  6. Have we acknowledge this is a sniper game, and accepted it and moved on?. Just a few suggestions and a bit of complaint for open world colorado. Every single person is joining with a sniper, that its not fun anymore, there's no pvp inside the cities anymore what so ever, its all headshots across the cities before you reach them. Its hard enough to get cover from the snipers in clearview and yall add extra entries to white-house / medic / post office? that makes no sense what so ever at all. Can devs at least consider that there's people who actually wanna use ar's in colorado once in a while? make a system or something so atleast 1 or 2 guys from each group or clan can join with snipers so we can decrease the snipers in colorado and make the pvp at least some how decent. I took a break and hoped the game will at least evolve from sniperZ to decent pvp - explore looting for new beginners. We need the adrenaline back to this game again, where people have strongholds with ar's / shotguns etc instead of 10people with snipers around the city keeps pushing others from the city. This is not exacly a complaint its more of a "way to go" to bring back the good old times.
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