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  1. I understand what you mean, but this is under the "Survival" section on the forums, anything Open World isn't what I am trying to change. I know open world has a beginner server, I am talking about for survival. For me when I first started I never played open world I went straight to survival and there is no tutorial or anything and this was the first Survival game I ever played.
  2. I believe people will, because its actually even better than a normal server if you have it open to public with no password. Also they could increase Airdrop chance. I already think Airdrops are RNG because Ive been on a private survival server before and I saw 3 Airdrops total and witnessed all of them and 3 were on at once, but yet there were no airdrops for awhile. So I believe this could be tweaked for private servers and I think its ok if it is since, people do pay money for them. So this is the ratio. Regular server is set to = 4 spawn rate, private password protected server is set to = 3 spawn rate, private open PVE server is set to 3.5 spawn rate, private open PVP server = 5 spawn rate. This would encourage people to still purchase private servers and also receive an increased chance to loot. I would also suggest to have the option of setting group limits. Like a private server could be set at 0 people per group so everyone is for themselves. Yes I know there is a way around it by just using discord or whatever, but its still a thing. So for a more detailed explanation, lets say a area of Umatilla army depot. The rear entrance hangar headed to the prison. Lets say it normally has 10 items, so in a regular server there are 10 items, in a private password server it has 8, in private open PVE it has 9, and in a private open PVP server it has 12. Within that ratio it doesn't have an adverse effect on the game, it has its balances. Because A) if it has a password you can still take ALL the loot, private open PVE its still PVE so you wont die to a player, and then private open PVP is where you can loot more and still have the excitement from trying to not get ambushed or perhaps you are doing the ambushing.
  3. Hello, I have only been playing this game for 2 months and I love it. It is the best online survival game out there. I see that Open World mode is way more popular though. I personally have no interest in Open World because its 1. to easy and 2. the pvp in it is all sniper based, which makes any AR's irrelevant. Anyways I am a diehard supporter for survival mode. I want to share some aspects on how I feel survival mode can be made better and more prominent. Now I know this game is free to play and the company makes their money off open world. Skins in survival just may not be enough. I like that survival does not have an option to buy anything because then it just makes it easy and defeats the purpose and with the way survival is if you could buy stuff it would turn into a pay to win. I have a few ideas on how the company can make a profit off survival, but I will post in a different topic. Profiting off survival is important too because then the company will pay more attention and put more effort into it. Anyways here goes my suggestions 1. Have a dedicated public server for new players. For example only new players with less than 1 month old account can only have access to this survival server. It allows them to integrate their self in the game and to learn while unimpeded by veteran players who are just out for blood. Now people who are new still have all the other servers open to them if they want to explore and learn in other ways. This game does not have a tutorial and the game has a huge learning curve, especially if it is the first time playing a game like this. I have only been playing for 2 months and it was my first. I have since tried several other games which might have different aspects and some minor things that sound cooler, but this game is the overall best and I feel it can be made great. Its just the player base is not consistent. Sometimes you have 1 server in survival with 20+ people and all other servers are 2-4 people. I believe if more players can be integrated properly, they will stay longer. 2. Once invited to a group there should be no team killing allowed. I know this is authentic and makes sense that you can team kill because it is realistic. The problem is that a good amount of players are toxic and are jerks and will kill people just to kill them. Like they invite them just to find them and kill them regardless of loot or reputation. I mean if team killing is a reasonable option, perhaps make a timer after joining the group that you cant kill them or lets say if you do kill a teammate you are restricted from being a part of another group for lets say a 24 hour punishment? Like make it possible perhaps, but have limitations and restrictions. I heard from people that when I started playing that it was just changed from not being able to team kill. So there used to be a team protection from killing. I come across a lot of new players and when I hear or see them get killed they actually tend to leave the game and may not play again. The game has a huge learning curve, especially if you have never played a game like this before. 3. Condense and combine servers. I feel having duplicate servers stretches the already thin player base. So for each region only have 1 copy of each map. People already server hop from region to region including myself. I am from New York state and I play on all 4 regions personally. This will have to be in combination of my first suggestion though, so that way the new players won't be overflooded from the experienced players. 4. Change the way private servers operate. Yes I know besides skins that private servers are the only way for the company to make money and is probably the best and most effective way for company profit, but people love this game. People will still play regardless of these changes because there is no other game out there like NewZ. Anyways I feel that on private servers loot quanity and spawn rate should be determined on several factors to encourage more openness with people playing together. So if a server is set to password protected. The loot spawn rate should be the lowest possible. I know a lot of people will think this is bad. Well not everyone is old enough to have a credit card or have money to afford a private server. So people that can will have an advantage of having a lot of loot and more loot already from having a private place to freely loot without interference from anyone else. There is a tiered system though. So if the server is password protected its lowest loot, if it is not password protected and PVE status then the loot is set a little higher. If it is not password protected and PVP status then the loot is actually higher than a normal server. I feel the PVP part of survival is the most important aspect. Because realistically man's greatest danger is other men. So PVP is essential and should be given a reason for people to want to play on a private PVP server. People will still want to rent private servers. Perhaps some people will be disgusted by this in survival. But I ask why is anyone even wanting to play survival if all you are doing is looting on a password protected private server? What is the risk and reward in that if all you are doing is stock piling items? And for what? Just to keep stock piling more? I farm loot and stock up on loot so that I can go out and PvP, but right now I have so much loot from past 2 months that I don't care about farming I just want to go out in survival and try to explore and see what I can find and hope I run across some people that will want to give me a good and fun fire fight. 5. I think if there are multiple servers available on each region for a single map, that one of the duplicate maps should be made into a no group server. So everyone would be for themselves. Yes I am aware there are ways around this. I know like discord or whatever. But still if there are people and a firefight ensues bullets could fly in any direction and with self preservation kicked in, I am sure you will shoot anyone you see with fear of them shooting you first. I think it would add a different dynamic to the game. Spice things up a little bit. I hope people actually take time to think about these suggestions and thoughts. This is still a great game and it is growing and decreasing at the same time. I want this game to live because I want to play this years to come and I don't want all my farming and PvPing to be for nothing.
  4. Hello, I have been playing for about 2 months now on Survival only. I have come across many people that have complaints about instability and crashing. Yes of course it happens. Almost all games it happens especially online games. However you can still optimize the settings to make the game crash less. First go to here in your files. You will end up right clicking on both NewZLauncher and TheNewZ they are both .exe files C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NewZ When you right click on the selection you will go to properties and go to the Compatibility tab check Compatibility mode and select Run this program in Windows 8. Further down check the boxes Disable fullscreen optimizations and also Run this program as an administrator. You will then click on Change high DPI settings. You will then go to the bottom and check Override high DPI scaling behavior and leave it selected as application. This will greatly increase playability and at least for me has tremendously reduced my crashing. Also run the game directly through your system folder. Do not use steam. If you use steam you will have to disable the Steam Overlay. I play on a laptop I bought for $200 in 2017 that is a i3 2.3ghz dual processor, 4gb RAM and intel integrated graphics. So yes I have a very low end laptop but this game is so optimized for playability. People complain to much about the crashing and minor bugs. This game is actually a gem that still needs some polishing and it is actively being polished. The rock and tree re-work may have seemed minor but actually was a great step in the right direction. Also make sure you play your game on the correct graphical settings that are good for your computer. If your computer can play the graphics on medium, then play it on medium. If you can't run it well in high graphics, then don't. If you have an amazing computer then do not play on potato settings. Play it on what your computer is meant to be, everyone's computer is different and that's why everyone has a different experience. My low end laptop should barely be able to play. I am able to get 40-60 FPS though and I do pretty well and for only 2 months of playing I am able to destroy VET players and Assassins and Vigilantes alike.
  5. This is a great idea. I think this will work quite well. Having it as a craft only item and have a lot of parts makes sense. Needing either an Alice backpack or a Military backpack as a base item needed. Might not make sense, but I feel using the Alice backpack is better because at least from my experience the Alice backpack is more rare than a Military. I have more Military backpacks than Alice backpacks, so I don't know if this is actually true of what item is rarer, but I find more Military backpacks. Anyways the Adventure backpack looks cool and in most other survival games that is what the "best" backpack looks like. One of those heavy duty hiking backpacks. I think aesthetically it would be great for the game. It also allows "late" or "end" game material for veterans and gives a new item for people to work for. So please add this to the game, I look forward to using it. Great idea x3khaleesi!
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