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  1. Ganex

    Private Servers

    EU Region.
  2. Ganex

    Private Servers

    I'd like to get into the game by buying myself a private server, but says its unavailable in my region. I won't buy any GC until I know I can get my server and until then I won't play Any ideas of when its available again?
  3. Ganex

    Skill tree not working

    Same here.
  4. Ganex


    Same here.
  5. Ganex

    What's up, I'm new.

    Heya, My in-game name is Ganex and I just came up with the idea to start playing NewZ. While servers are down for patch I'm just here saying hello to all of you out there. The biggest reason for creating this topic is to ask all of you experienced players for tips and tricks. I hope someone takes time to answer my questions and thoughts it would be super cool. Also are there any active clans out there looking for an extra companion, don't hesitate to ask. After looting I'd like to pvp aswell What's the best spot to loot for both exp and loot? Which guns are worth picking up and pvp with? What's the biggest difference between Survival and Open World? And which do you prefer? What has the most players? Is it worth spending those 100 dollars for GC which includes (VIP, Premium and 30k GC)? I hope y'all will have a wonderful day, perhaps we see each other in-game.