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  1. Thank you for the response I appreciate it. I was not around when the crossbow had this much value or you obtained this many arrows. Or maybe I was and I just didn't care for the weapon or play at that particar time. Nor was I present when they did a sniper wipe prior or just any wipe. I aint no developr of any game nor do I really have the smarts to be one to be honest it defiantly isn't my forte. But ill start from the top, yea I see where you're coming from as it pertains to wiping and what it does to the value of a weapon, so my question to you would be, do you see any alternative not named a wipe to attempt to fix or alter the state of the game as it revolves around constant sniper pvp?. And back to the riot shields, a timer surely would be nice, a 30 second to anything above that would be fine and in my opinion change the games state drastically and in a good way of course. I myself would most likely stand behind a complete removal of riot shields but I mean a timer would work too, again obviously all up to the devs if they ever made a decision about this stuff. And lastly yea the bunny hopping that occurs is very dumb, I personally don't see how or if they can change it without drastically changing something related to movement or the complete game play itself which probably would just turn into a mess.
  2. Again you took the words right out of my mouth as it pertains to the pvp related aspect of the game, anyone who pvps just for a little especially in high pop servers in the well known populated areas know its very rare to find the amount of people there actually pvping in the respective town/area. They're just all sitting at spawns and spawn camping with a platoon of riot shields around them. Though I never mentioned it as first you really have changed my perspective to where maybe snipers wouldn't be as bad of an issue if there was no riot shields or even a 1 min or 30 second or so timer in between placing them. I am not too sure if the devs are really okay with this riot shield base on spawns and spawn camping type pvp that occurs around nato and ridgeway and clearview and bolder/etc. I think the devs should have acted on this a while ago and try to put an end to this type of gameplay which is just dumb. Again if the devs are gonna do anything to try and fix the style of pvp currently read this here response and it pretty much summarizes why its so bad. I don't think I have ever seen the XMR rifle but it surely sounds hard to obtain that's for sure. I do completely understand where you're coming from. I myself do pve from time to time but I do try to obtain my loot more from pvp rather than pve. Since you pve very often, do you have an opinion on the current state of snipers and how they plague pvp especially in open world or it doesn't really concern you? I am curious if you do have an alternative in your mind or if the game is just too far gone for a type of alternative to attempt to fix the issue.
  3. I just wanna first off say that your response here is amazing and I couldn't agree more with everything you literally just said. And to point out any moderator/developer/player who would further respond to this post do please read this here response as it piggy backs what I did not say and also I do feel so myself about the current state of pvp and the game. I do wanna add though as I didn't include it that I agree, Riot shields are a plague to this game and this so called "Fun pvp" with the bunny hoping riot shielders is nonsense, its just stupid. A entire riot shield wipe to be quite frank or even removal of them completely would probably even change pvp so much. Even with the over excessive amount of snipers and I do think devs should defiantly look into doing that. And I agree no disrespect to the devs but its true as they took the responsibility of this game when they took the mantle so they should constantly be trying to find new ways to make it fun for pvpers and pveers alike.
  4. I was not a player either when the wipe occurred so im in your shoes when it relates to that. Look at a game like Escape from Tarkov if you've ever heard of that. They have had more wipes than I can count to their GI inventories for their playerbase. I personally don't play the game, but they've molded a meta to obtain loot and such to where it wouldn't be game quitting when it happens. And NewZ here can do that exact thing if they just fix and play around with the loot. And of course I'd only stand behind a type of sniper GI wipe, not an entire GI wipe. I'm glad though you agree and relate to the whole pvp part of my post. Im sure many many many other players can agree with us as well when it comes to this. I'm sure many players would leave possibly, and I mean theres alternatives in my opinion to try and keep the players who would get mad. I mean they're the developers and can do anything they want I'm sure they can think of something to make up for the sniper wipe. But I mean you understand what im saying though right? With a steady decline in their game and playerbase as it is currently, isn't it time for a game breaking change such as that? I mean if they're afraid of the effects of a wipe than so be it I just see the game only going continually down hill from here without changes such as the ones I stated. Games all the time make giant changes and lose player bases from time to time, but its to ultimately keep spicing up their game and making it the best possibly version of itself.
  5. I completely understand your whole response, And I wouldn't stand behind a whole entire GI wipe, I do would be done at that point. But I mean from your point of view and how you feel would steps would you take to better the pvp and sniper gameplay that currently haunts the game? I mean if you don't have a problem with it than so be it I know not everyone does, but I mean the only logical solution against a player base would be a sniper wipe, or least cut it down to 10 of every sniper or so depending on everyones GIs. But again I respect your opinion sir and appreciate the response. *EDITIED* and also granted make the snipers extremely rare and have prestige to having one after the wipe, not make them so common where people can rebuy and make them in 24 hours of pvp
  6. So this post is gonna be about the state of the game currently and what changes could be made to help the growth of the game. *I KNOW ITS A LOT TO READ BUT ITS OKAY TO READ AN ENTENTINSIVE AMOUNT IN YOUR LIFE I PROMISE IT WONT HURT* I just wanna point out before you read on, I am a solo player, I've played this game since the old WarZ/infestation days when Dakota and summit1g played, before that arthmis dude became a developer. So yea quite a long time ago. This game surely has a special place in my heart I really do enjoy it lots, the idea of it and everything. So lets get to the reason of this post. I've talked to plenty of players in the global chat on the game and even heard some streamers just express saying how the game is slowly in decline and its just gonna continue going down. Why? Its because of the state of the game lets just say it how it is. And its completely bogus to say the game requires no change and isn't in a decline and that no changes would help this game currently. I know the developers have tried some game breaking changes, and it u went horribly but hear out the post. And before I tart listing some changes, I do appreciate all the developers do and have done, I know getting the game on steam and just maintaining it is never easy, I surely can't do it. But your job as developers is too make the game into the best state it can be in for your players. Snipers - Must I say much? Snipers are ridiculous in this game, it literally is just a sniper emulator at this point and is that really worth settling with? There is 0 prestige to having them anyone since every has 500+ snipers in their inventory, some in the 4000+. Its come to a point where every single gun has been rendered useless unless its at point blank range and that's just sad to be honest. A sniper wipe? Drop everyones snipers to 5 each and make them rare? I mean jeez some change has to be made by this, and I know its possible. Pvp - As from the other point, pvp is just a mess in my opinion. Snipers are literally pvp. Its created spawn camping to a new extent, and I don't feel I really need to go into the spawn camping problems that haunt this game, I'm surely anyone and everyone who pvps can vouch for me on this. And it just makes everything 800x harder because everyone only uses snipers so unless you use one enjoy getting spawn camped repeatedly till u spawn far away enough from dying over and over. *RIOT SHIELDS* - JUST REMOVE THEM COMPLETELY, READ BELOW IN RESPONSES FOR FURTHER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS Macros - This necessarily isn't a problem for me but ive seen many players voice their opinions about these and they aren't positive. Would it really hurt to make them illegal to use? Overall - Now before anyone just goes and be like, oh just play a different game mode. Just save your response as that's a complete illiterate and dumb answer to this post. Again im just one player right now voicing some of this stuff, but im sure I can have most of the community standing behind on this post if they were to vote on it and given a chance to vote or anything to give their thoughts on the issue, its not just me im just seeming to be one of the only people wanting to say something about it publicly. But anyway im curious to see other players and moderators and possibly developers response to this. And no this isn't a hate post, I have 130+ hours in the game and obviously do enjoy playing I would just love to see the game not be in slow decline and actually prosper. And I feel these changes would be a step in the right direction but lets all discuss!
  7. Hope its easier to read! and yea I'm glad we see eye to eye about this.
  8. Hey! So Ima just start off by saying why the heck are snipers just as common as like ARs in this game? I know for a very long time since this games release snipers were never hard to obtain. Now I'm just speaking as a solo player who just likes to roam and loot and pvp on their when I say its sometimes near damn impossible to do any of that when all everyone runs around with is snipers. There's so many guns in this game and 95% of my deaths are to snipers, and its just pointless to run around with good loot most of the time as a solo player because you either just get randomly sniped out of the blue or get ran up on by a group of 3+ people using all snipers. Ive engaged in fights where groups of 2 or 3 guys only use ARs or some other weapon against me and ill be the first to say its so fun to be involved in those gunfights. Ig what im just getting too is maybe make the snipers extremely rare and consider even a sniper wipe if possible? Like people who have overstocked snipers will have 5 of each or something after the wipe. Because I'm sure theres people with 100+ of multiple snipers in their GI and these guys just bring them out every run. And they can now be careful about bringing them out so often since they're extremely rare now. Now again, I'm just a casual player so who am I to say how the game should be played, I understand, but I mean like its a zombie open world pvp game, with a plethora of guns at a players disposal to use in combat situations. Now someone can tell me to just suck it up and just play and join a clan even or just start bringing out snipers myself to beat them but I mean who is that type of person to tell me how the game should be played either. Now maybe it is that type of game now and it just doesn't cater to solo players anymore but idk. I'm sure I aint the only solo player with this thought I'm sure there is others who would agree with me to a degree. But again just a consideration for the admins and mods to think about maybe. The trailer of this game shows exciting AR gameplay and zombies and combat with a variety of guns and their attachments. But when you play it just feels like a sniper simulator. But again just my thoughts and suggestions please don't bash me.
  9. Hey! My names Greg, I'm 18 and I'm a returning player just looking for a casual clan to play with some fellers since I see everyone in the game runs around with like 3+ people so its hard playing solo a lot. I have a working mic, I have almost 200 total hours in the game, I have a big GI, I don't have many kills but I surely can pvp, not the best sniper, but ive played thousands of hours of all kinds of pc games so I can be self sufficient and communicative in combat. I don't care about loot Id love to share just looking for some chill guys. I see a lot of these clans have lots and lots of requirements such as hours played and what not. I'm just simply looking for a laid back chill clan where people come on during free time and what not to play some newz together that's all lol If your a laid back chill clan please do respond id love to join!!!!!!
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