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  1. Hope its easier to read! and yea I'm glad we see eye to eye about this.
  2. Hey! So Ima just start off by saying why the heck are snipers just as common as like ARs in this game? I know for a very long time since this games release snipers were never hard to obtain. Now I'm just speaking as a solo player who just likes to roam and loot and pvp on their when I say its sometimes near damn impossible to do any of that when all everyone runs around with is snipers. There's so many guns in this game and 95% of my deaths are to snipers, and its just pointless to run around with good loot most of the time as a solo player because you either just get randomly sniped out of the blue or get ran up on by a group of 3+ people using all snipers. Ive engaged in fights where groups of 2 or 3 guys only use ARs or some other weapon against me and ill be the first to say its so fun to be involved in those gunfights. Ig what im just getting too is maybe make the snipers extremely rare and consider even a sniper wipe if possible? Like people who have overstocked snipers will have 5 of each or something after the wipe. Because I'm sure theres people with 100+ of multiple snipers in their GI and these guys just bring them out every run. And they can now be careful about bringing them out so often since they're extremely rare now. Now again, I'm just a casual player so who am I to say how the game should be played, I understand, but I mean like its a zombie open world pvp game, with a plethora of guns at a players disposal to use in combat situations. Now someone can tell me to just suck it up and just play and join a clan even or just start bringing out snipers myself to beat them but I mean who is that type of person to tell me how the game should be played either. Now maybe it is that type of game now and it just doesn't cater to solo players anymore but idk. I'm sure I aint the only solo player with this thought I'm sure there is others who would agree with me to a degree. But again just a consideration for the admins and mods to think about maybe. The trailer of this game shows exciting AR gameplay and zombies and combat with a variety of guns and their attachments. But when you play it just feels like a sniper simulator. But again just my thoughts and suggestions please don't bash me.
  3. Hey! My names Greg, I'm 18 and I'm a returning player just looking for a casual clan to play with some fellers since I see everyone in the game runs around with like 3+ people so its hard playing solo a lot. I have a working mic, I have almost 200 total hours in the game, I have a big GI, I don't have many kills but I surely can pvp, not the best sniper, but ive played thousands of hours of all kinds of pc games so I can be self sufficient and communicative in combat. I don't care about loot Id love to share just looking for some chill guys. I see a lot of these clans have lots and lots of requirements such as hours played and what not. I'm just simply looking for a laid back chill clan where people come on during free time and what not to play some newz together that's all lol If your a laid back chill clan please do respond id love to join!!!!!!
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