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  1. We need as many servers as possible , people need a places for farm.If it is only 1 server in each region all people will be in same server and no one can farm because there will be people in almost whole map and will be so hard for farm , the new players will leave the game very fast because they always will be dead
  2. This is very good idea.Maybe your suggestion for clan teritories would be the key for more fun and more players will come back in game.Really clan territories need change. I think if there is big reward for holding the territories for long time , players will really try defend it , if reward is one wood shield , no sense to die 10-20 times for that reward.And put cars back in game , now without cars we fight only in campos because is closest to save zone.Last year people had a choice where to fight , biggest pvp was in airport , i dont see so many players now in game who was fighting in airport.I think if new players in survival has a starting package with loot(i mean not much loot something like x5 or x10 helms , armors , scopes , meds ,guns , ammo)they can stay longer in game and will find how awesome game is , now they die 2-3 times without putting something in GI and just leave the game. There are so many things we can change but this is my point and who cares .Sorry for bad english
  3. Add caliwood map in survival , we all see how players leave the game.Make it more servers than more spots for farming.More spots for farming = more players in game like old time.Return colorado v2 and when we have 4 maps we can see what people prefer
  4. iam agree lets try calowwood map on survival
  5. this event is very good idea !!
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