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  1. Please if u want to improve the game u should understand us ! we want new cars new guns almost every week / mouch. there is a video and in this video there are cars / tanks / helicopther / planes and alot of more so please use the same thing then eveyone can able to spend more 500 $ for this game ! please understand us we want new items ! and alot of fun, so please respect us i am very thank u if u will look it very care thanks u very much : )
  2. if u want to improve about the karambits the reason that no body need karambit is because its a knife with skin so please make it knife skin like all others skins then the price will like this situation and this will be recepiy for the normal karambit example if i got karambit chrome skin so i can learn it and put it to karambit normal then i will have a karambit chrome for ever this will be amazing for us so please make this one cuz if u dont will do that understand that no body need / care about these knifes its just for nothing so please make that like others skins i hope u understand and thanks !
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