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  1. Now dont get me wrong when i say this, I love the game, have for years, But it sounds like there is limited game changing updates you can do without it taking a very long time. That does kinda concern me about the future of the game when the player base is already so small...
  2. Weather: You guys should think about adding some sort of weather system to the game. Im not sure if thats possible on the engine infestation runs off of, but i think it would submerge players, especially new ones into the game even more. Maybe make it an option to turn on and off though because i could see that causing framerate issues. Elite Guns: Have you guys ever thought about adding elite guns? You should find them off super zombies at a rare rate, maybe even rarer than snipers but their damage should lets say go up by 5. so if u have an m4 that does 25 damage the elite version should do 30 and be more accurate. They should also come with their own cool skin alrdy on the weapon. I think this adds a cool bonus for players that like to loot and players that have been in the infestation scene (like myself) for a really long time. Rapid Fire Trigger: Maybe consider adding an attachment that makes the gun fire faster or semi auto guns like DMRS and etc fire faster but at the cost of accuracy and the only way to balance it out is by other accuracy attachments like grip. scope, laser, etc. Buildings: Maybe consider opening up more buildings to go inside or remove buildings that are inaccesable and replace them with something else. there are alot of houses, etc, around the map that are inaccesible and pretty much pointless of being there. maybe replace them with vehicles you can hide behind or some other sort of structure. Doors: I don't know if this is even possible on the infestation engine, but u guys should strongly consider adding doors you can manually open and more things that you can interact with. Ive played this game (counting other games in this series it seems like) for 4 years. You guys need to consider doing something game changing that doesnt effect the way infestation flows. Infestation has great pvp. It is the smoothest pvp out of any zombie game ive ever played which is why it is so enjoyable. The way to get loot and the loot system is good. maybe consider adding a map that is totally different then colorado or caliwood. (Oregon feels like another colorado in my opinion with the small difference of it looking more beautiful than colorado). Maybe consider adding a snow map. There are plenty of things you guys could do and you have already taken a game which failed and made it into 1 of the best zombie mmo's there ever was, but it would be player gaining and crazy if you guys added some sort of mechanic, map, etc, anything that was game changing, but like i said doesnt mess with the normal flow of infestation. Thank you, Good work so far, - URE
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