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  1. FAR too much trash loot eating up network resources and framerate. Leave the high end sniper spawns. It's excessive but everyone is used to it at this point. Having to search over piles of the same common guns and ammo though is annoying af and takes away from just looting gear worth actually picking up and getting into the fight. IMO just be done with the locational loot in open world. You killed the survival aspect a long time ago. Just make less overall loot spawns and make any spawn have the same % of quality like it was back in the Alpha WarZ days. This will also give players a reason to visit more of the map instead of it having this DayZ style loot areas where you get bored fighting at NATO / Boulder over and over because sniper tier loot will spawn anywhere.
  2. Yep all 3 including FAC and even right clicked and chose ran as administrator. CCleaner is not on this system and I install the NVIDIA drivers without geforce experience. I don't think this is an application as my total processes are usually under 15. I even tried running Steam as admin as well before launching NewZ. I am pretty sure it is the .sys file being blocked as NewZ worked on this same setup months ago up until the last big FAC update it seems. My system has a lot of security features enabled since I work in IT security so I am pretty sure it is the .sys file being rejected when FAC tries to load it. Do you happen to have a digitally signed version of the sys file or any plans to use one? I can try temporarily disabling driver signature in Windows but that means I would have to do that every single update if it works which would be annoying af. I know this is not the typical issue you are used to resolving so I appreciate your help.
  3. Also forgot to mention no active A/V is blocking NewZ. I triple checked and even tried loading with the A/V completely unloaded and disabled. As well as tried every compatibity option all the way back to XP SP3 for both NewZ apps and FAC.
  4. I decided to install NewZ again just for some past time PvP and can not get the game to launch on my Desktop. The launcher loads properly and when I click play FAC about 1/3rd of the time has a download bar but usually just instantly loads the FAC splash screen. The small black window flashes and a fullscreen black window flashes for a second and im back at the desktop. If i mouse over the FAC tray icon it disappears meaning it is crashing out. I get no error messages or notes in the r3dlog. I am full admin amd have tried giving all newz apps admin privs, all newz apps firewall inbound and outbound access, updated my nvidia drivers and even verified my external firewall allowing by running newz on a shitty laptop with no launch issues at all. Something is causing FAC to be blocked and thus stops the game from loading because on the laptop I get a clearly seen download bar everytime I launch while my desktop almost looks like it is trying to run this step and skipping it. Any help to get this running for me on my desktop would be appreciated. What ports are FAC using to download this sys file and is there any way to manually install it to get past this loading error? Thanks!
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