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    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    i think forum polls are misleading. i feel there is much more input here from clan members. they are lots that play game for fun and do not visit forums much if at all. but still these players will buy premium accounts. i vote no on clan in survivor. this mode is to play more against pve than pvp. so you are trying to survive the environment, adding large groups of clans will only drive out ones trying to actually survive in environment. it turns maps into one area war zones like clearview.
  2. chop_shop

    Patch 2.26

    thanks sven, love your guys game, and i have never in my 40+ years of gaming seen such fast responses to posts. keep up the great work and again thank you for your work!
  3. chop_shop

    Patch 2.26

    i see no where mention of binocs and range finders after patch not working. ask in game and players responded that theirs were not working either. are the devs aware? surely i am not the only one that can not use binocs now.