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  1. Thundabolt


    Nah, didn't miss it, but "improvements" could also introduce new problems and bugs.
  2. Thundabolt


    Just found this post on twitter and share it here, for everyone else who was confused about the "FAC ban"
  3. Thundabolt


    Oh, that happened to me too once (I think yesterday). FAC said it banned me, but luckily it didn't really ban me (Of course i am not cheating, because cheaters are losers)
  4. Hello I have been searching the patchnotes, but couldn't find a clear answer. Do Vehicle spawners still drop as loot on private severs?
  5. Thundabolt


    Oh yes please, i want something like that too, here's my take on it: Each weapon should remember its last used attachments (F6) and fire mode (X) when changing weapons (also after logout). If 1 or 2 attachments are not in the BP, it should only auto equip the ones that are in the BP. Auto equipping random attachments is not a good idea, because if i don't want to use certain attachments with my current weapon, i will always have to detach them if i just picked them up for a different weapon. Also add an On/Off setting in the options menu please, so players who don't like it, can turn it Off and nothing changes for them. Would be really awesome if you'd consider this suggestion, because i am changing weapons in slot 1 frequently (drag'n'drop) and it is quite annoying having to attach 2-3 attachments every time, especially if i aggroed a bigger horde of Zombies or being chased by a Superzombie.
  6. Nice. My timezeone is UTC+1 and i login pretty much daily. If your timezone allows it, we can do it today. This site might help us to set up our meeting: https://www.timeanddate.com/
  7. Hello, i can supply you with SVD's and Stanag 30's. Just add me as friend in game and we'll work it out
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