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    i need to know what's the price of skin "QBZ Tech" i didn't find it anywhere thank
  2. hello I received this object in a mistery box and i would have liked to know the price of this item ingame because i did not hear about it anywhere https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com/K._Style_Helmet_(Rust)
  3. hello I rarely come to the forums to complain but i'm really tired of this game ... it's almost unplayable for me because so much crash today i died more than ten times just by farming... it just insupportable I can't even farm quietly, pvp and enjoy my premium because I died most of the time because of these fucking crash why this game is so bugued ? explain me plz ps: my pc run PUBG at 150 fps, black ops at 130 fps .. so no it's not the fault of my computer^^ ps2: I'm not talking about fps drop in this post because it's a problem but tiny compared to crash
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