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  1. I want many players in survivor mode, be nice if happens... is sad run w/ max 20 peoples in the server
  2. Hello guys I played WarZ since your release beta in 2012 with your reduced map in test, and i miss this game! All was perfect before of cheaters! I enjoyed the game! But honestly i dream with the warz back with many players as before, few loots (weapons), some itens very rare's. I remember scar blue was very rare, when you see a player with scar blue in safezone you be mad for have it too... Miss good times. I think with some modes in the game NewZ do split players in the mode game and lose the essence having less players in the real mode that always gonna be SURVIVOR mode! I think newz should have only 1 mode so as warz and do hardwork for turn this game clear of cheaters and wake up new players. Warz was a epic game, what broken all was the carelessness with the cheaters, making the game lose credibility and close. Please give the best for newZ and bring the essence back with many players in a world where survival screams louder . Sinceriosly, HookahSan
  3. Sadly. I hope one day the game can go back to the origins of the old War Z Colorado V1. I know there is Survival mode, but in so many ways, there are very few players in each mode or server, and that ends up leaving the game very divided! My dream come back to its origins with a survival-only mode with many players and many servers. it would be so good.
  4. Hey guys, whats up ? Please sorry for my english... anyway im here for talk about what i miss in this game! I think alot of peoples gonna agree with me or at least the oldest, those who played the game in mid-2012 in beta test, when still name is WAR Z ^.^ I had stopped playing this game that I love so much because of the cheaters who had invaded everything. And I've always wished so heartily that this game returns as a better game, a better anti-cheating system. And honestly I came back to this game a few days ago, after reading a lot and doing a lot of research on how the game is going. And apparently they are doing a good job! Well, let me get right to the point! I returned to the game since 2014 when I stopped because of the problems I mentioned above. And I noticed that this is a little different, weapons to the hills, everything easy to find, there are no such rare items, because this almost or everything made available on the map to the mountains. My opinion is that this is not very cool in the case of an apocalyptic world survival game. In the beta of WAR Z in 2012 was captured quite the essence! There were not so many weapons with frequency, nor ammunition to be wasted, everything was hardcore. I still remember that few had some rare weapons, I remember Scar blue, who had she did not leave safezone for fear of losing it, and the guy logged with her on safezone to show his wonderful find! Those were good times. I do not want to criticize your work, even because I came here and I do not know what today's players prefer and I do not even know if a poll was done, but I know that many like me from the ancients prefer the nostalgic era of the beta, it was perfect ! Sniper that time was very rare, and nothing was easy! Today everything is very easy and in my opinion I think it takes a little bit the essence of the game! But that's just my thinking! Does anyone else think like me?
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