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    M9 Helmet

    Exactly riot shield skinbox, which you can get in boxes by loot or if you want money to sell them by gc
  2. Cius

    M9 Helmet

    10 different types of m9 helmet and all with 15 armor, is not better to put 1 alone and others that are skin? it is necessary to clean the game of useless things like masks that could also be skins
  3. Does it cost-effectively to force the player base to pay 300-500 and lose the new people or do not want to pay to play? this reminds me of the apb reloaded game with only a base of 1000 players that keeps the game and do not want to change the p2w model, the players would like to have more people but the administrators do not want to lose that insured monthly money and take risks
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